Sad Sunday Set Up a Day Late…


I finished Mockingjay - the last book of the Hunger Games trilogy on the way home from Las Vegas today. Ugh. I’m sad. I got really caught up in the story and was rooting for one ending until the last few chapters. Then, I changed my mind but the story didn’t change and I’m sad. I need closure with the other guy! Okay, I know that’s weird. But, anyone else on this page too? … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon ‘11


Yesterday afternoon I got my Chocolate Milk Team Refuel gear on for the Las Vegas half marathon. I was nervous that I’d be cold so I went to Ross earlier for an undershirt. The race started at 5:30PM so I tried to stall as long as possible inside to avoid the chilly air. I stayed at the Luxor which is right next door to the race start. Finally it was time to head down to get … [Read more...]

Run and Done


I ran under the bright, shiny lights of the Las Vegas strip last night… But now I’m up at 5am to drive back to Southern California. Full recap on the way! … [Read more...]