Chickpea Dance


This afternoon I had a Chobani while trying to fend off the snack monster that lives inside me. It kinda worked (outside of half a Snickers protein bar I got from the race). I have the most random schedule lately and didn’t go into work until 5:30pm. So I decided to make/eat dinner before. I needed volume – that means veggies. I roasted a huge pan of onions, chickpeas and … [Read more...]

GoodBelly Challenge


After my run I ate an apple as a mid-morning snack, but since we all know apples are BS only make me hungrier I chased it down with dutch cocoa Somersaults and hot cocoa. Yep, just got that mug in Las Vegas this weekend! I’m not a fan of random souvenirs but really wanted this for some reason? By noon I had an intense craving for chickpeas. Luckily, I found this organic can of … [Read more...]

Tempoop Tuesday


Hello! I woke up at 4:30am this morning because I was a little nervous about boot camp today. I’m slowly starting to take over the group and was in charge of a 15 minute dynamic warm up. I’m okay working with a group because I used to coach cheerleading, but I could yell at them so it was easier   Okay, not exactly but I was nervous! I made coffee to take with me but I … [Read more...]