Our Ornaments


<This afternoon I chomped on cashews, turkey and cheese. No pic, just crumbs to show for it.> Dinah! There was a Groupon for Garlic Gold a few weeks ago and I jumped on it! I’ve been pouring it on everything savory since it got here. These nuggets take garlic toast to a magical level. Have you tried it?! Tonight Ben and I finally decorated our tree (it’s been up for … [Read more...]

Lunch Date in the Sun


I have a lot of coupons that expire end of the year so I headed to Whole Foods this morning to cash ‘em in. Since I was there I figured lunch was in order. When the cashier asks, “For here or to go?” I always want to say, “Well, to go, but I’m going to eat it in the car so don’t put the rubberband…” But I’m too embarrassed. On the way home I called Ben and he was just … [Read more...]

Rock N Roll Las Vegas Tech Shirt


I went to boot camp this morning and followed it with an easy 3 miles. It was super cold so I can’t tell if my legs were stiff from that or from being tired? When I got home I made a big batch of pancakes in an effort to finish off the pumpkin. They have chia seeds, pumpkin butter, PB and jelly. So good. It was 42 degrees this morning, which is very cold to me! I put on … [Read more...]