Lunch Date in the Sun

I have a lot of coupons that expire end of the year so I headed to Whole Foods this morning to cash ‘em in. Since I was there I figured lunch was in order. IMG 3122 800x600 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

When the cashier asks, “For here or to go?” I always want to say, “Well, to go, but I’m going to eat it in the car so don’t put the rubberband…”

But I’m too embarrassed.IMG 3124 600x800 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

On the way home I called Ben and he was just about to eat lunch. We decided to meet at a park and eat together. He sat facing the sun because he’s a gentleman wlEmoticon smile8 Lunch Date in the Sun

He couldn’t open his eyes the whole time, so he might have thought he was on a date with someone else if not for my thick PR accent and usual bad jokes.IMG 3130 600x800 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

terrible date idea Lunch Date in the Sun

I spotted this Pumpkin Protein Odwalla at WF and had to try it. It was no pumpkin shake from Sonic. I vote, skip it.IMG 3126 600x800 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

Our spread…IMG 3128 600x800 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

Our scenery – the day warmed up and is gorgeous! IMG 3132 800x600 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

On my first stop I spotted this Cranberry Orange cream cheese spread at Trader Joes. IMG 3142 600x800 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun

Yes, get this instead of that pumpkin thing.IMG 3136 800x600 thumb Lunch Date in the Sun


  1. says

    Is there a Whole Foods in Vegas? I want to check this place out but Vegas is the only city I really ever visit in the states lol I guess I could be less lazy and do that whole google thing … lol

    That spread looks UH-mazing.

  2. says

    I am a little bit jealous, I wish it was that gorgeous here in December! Instead we have temperatures struggling to make it above freezing and a dusting of snow!

  3. says

    I need to hit up the whole foods hot bar sometime after hearing so much about it. I guess I should probably find the closest whole foods first.

  4. says

    Ah, I just bought this but I’m waiting to use it in a recipe. It sounds sooo amazing though that I may need to “test” it out before I use it in my recipe.

  5. says

    Your Whole Foods boxes always look so fantastic!

    Did you hear that Trader Joe’s now has a cookie butter? It’s supposed to taste kind of like almond butter with gingerbread cookies ground into it. I so want to give it a try but am not sure it would ever take the place of my love for White Chocolate Wonderful.

    • says

      I still haven’t tried the White Chocolate wonderful (always opt for cinnamon raisin if I have the chance)! But, I saw the last jar of cookie butter today and opted not to get it. I have enough trouble this time of year without that in my cupboard ;)

  6. carly says

    I LOVE ODWALLA PUMPKIN PROTEIN. SO SO SO SO MUCH. but I also do love the Sonic Pumpkin pie shake as well… i say, let’s have both!

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