Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards


1. I have been a snack monster this entire week. I think it’s partially because I’ve been tired  (new 4:52 wake up call!) and I’m looking for a ‘pick me up’ via food. So, I had a salad to keep lunch on the light side. It didn’t help the cause and we’ll leave it at that… 2. I am cold and our hot water is not working?! I considered taking a cold shower, but then I … [Read more...]

Cold and Balls


Helllloooooo! I was running late to boot camp this morning and forgot my water bottle and fuel to run. I planned on doing my long run today so I would be recovered by Sunday. Fail. But, don’t focus on my failure, focus on me making a fool of myself… When I went home to grab my stuff it was still so cold outside I decided to stall for a bit (or maybe I frozen in place). I ate … [Read more...]