Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards

1. I have been a snack monster this entire week. I think it’s partially because I’ve been tired  (new 4:52 wake up call!) and I’m looking for a ‘pick me up’ via food. So, I had a salad to keep lunch on the light side. It didn’t help the cause and we’ll leave it at that…IMG 3181 800x600 thumb Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards

2. I am cold and our hot water is not working?! I considered taking a cold shower, but then I remembered I don’t enjoy making myself miserable (well, if you don’t count signing up to run 26 miles). So I opted out. (That felt good! Maybe I should opt out of my next marathon…)

Anyways, that heater I bought from Target a while back is a life saver though! We sleep with it in the bedroom, but I brought it near my desk today and may never leave this spot!IMG 3184 800x600 thumb Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards

3. My Christmas Cards are done! Email me if you want one wlEmoticon winkingsmile6 Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cardsimage thumb5 Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards

Sometimes people I meet or get emails from joke that they stalk me. Nope, you guys are not stalkers. You don’t earn your stalker badge until you make Christmas cards like this.favorite kind of wine Three Things Thursday–Christmas Cards

Question: Who do you stalk? Ever been stalked? Want to buy a bean stalk?

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  1. says

    Facebook makes it easier to stalk people. About once a year I fb stalk some old classmates. I hated highschool but for some reason want to check up on them.

    And every once in awhile when I want to feel good about myself I’ll fb stalk my ex. LOL

  2. says

    hahaha that’s hilarious. When I was in high school I stalked Andy Roddick (the hot american tennis player). I was so infatuated with him my best friend made me a laminated collage of photos of him for my birthday. We went to the US open and came within a couple feet of him. If I hadn’t have frozen up I would’ve gotten his autograph.

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    When I was a freshman in high school, my best friend used to memorize the license plate numbers of boys that she had crushes on. So creepy!

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    Oh gosh no hot water!! I am sorry lady :( Too funny on the salad not helping the cause comment. Just go right for the bread. I love salads but i end up eating a ton of bread with them…its ok because i run right?

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    IF I had photoshop skills I would totally be making a Christmas card with the two of us. I feel like you have issued a challenge.

    Never been stalked, and never done more than facebook stalking. But really, if they are my friend on facebook, then its not stalking if I read all of their stuff.

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    haha i seriously hope you’re sending that xmas card out bc that would be awesome. it would also be kinda weird for the people who dont know who bob is haha. do it!!

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    The radio station I listened to on my way to work this morning was talking about stalking and how they now are forming groups, like AA groups, for people to meet and discuss their stalking problems [haha]! OYE :-Z People were calling in sharing their stalking stories and some were awfully creepy!

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    That salad looks amazing!!!!!!!

    Sometimes I stalk…if a friend is dating someone new we will go on a recon mission to find out more. Strictly business of coarse.

    Yes, I would like a bean stalk.

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    Haha. I am a SUPER STALKER. My husband used to have a ground level corner office a few blocks away from my house, and I’d always be creeping on him. Plus, you know. Online stalking is always fun.

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