Pace Yourself Foo


I had a short shift at my place of employment today and called Ben on the way home. He wanted me to pick up lunch so hit up a drive through. I proceeded to try and eat as many fries as possible before I got back. Pacing yourself doesn’t apply when you’re sharing fries with someone. Eat fast! Side note: Does anyone else get buy 1 get one free Yogurtland coupons at their … [Read more...]

Can I Eat The Gingerbread House?


Yesterday I headed to the Farmer’s market for some fruit. One of the farmers had a dog and Bingo was his name-o mentioned that the market is closed until Jan 6th! I’m glad I got some good sampling in before that   Actually, I buy grapes and eat them while walking around. After the market I stopped in TJ’s for lunch. Brown Rice California rolls help satisfy a sushi craving … [Read more...]