Ask a Monican about Binging


This afternoon I wanted some cookies. But we don’t have any junk in the house #FoodFail  So, in desperation I threw together these muffins (the batter was too runny to be cookies). In the mix: 2 Tb. apple sauce, 2 Tb. PB, 1/4c brown sugar, 1/4c white flour, 1/4c oats, dash salt, cinnamon, almond extract and baking soda. Added: cranberries, cocoa almonds and somersaults. I … [Read more...]

GNC Lean Shake Review


Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going? I really need to get a new water bottle – I dropped this one on it’s head this morning and now it’s a broken. (I threw away my reusable bottle after I was sick in November.) I’ve been putting off getting a new bottle because the only place that sells ‘my bottle’ is a long drive away. After boot camp I did 4 miles around the area. It’s … [Read more...]