Second Opinion on 2nd MD


I ran a few errands this morning and rushed home super hungry for LUNCH!I used all this stuff plus cashews (cannot stop eating them – are they addictive to anyone else?). I wanted something sweet for dessert, but don’t have anything good in the house. I thought this would be genius, but I just keep eating PB&J to help quiet my sweet tooth. Unfortunately, my sweet tooth is … [Read more...]

Walking Wednesday and Matt’s Birthday!


Hello! After boot camp I went for a little run, but half way through I had to make a call. Then, I realized Tina was g-chatting me so I walked and g-chatted instead We’re cooking some fun stuff up for next year! I am still trying to figure out a long term plan for running after camp. Luckily, I found a new path today! Buuuut, it’s only about 2 miles long so the search … [Read more...]