It Hailed and Candy Scare

I finally satisfied my cottage cheese craving this afternoon. Not sure why or where it came from, but I needed some curdled cows milk asap. Done.IMG 3516 800x600 thumb It Hailed and Candy Scare

Right before I had to go to work it started HAILING very hard. I don’t know if you’re aware, but that little weather issue isn’t something normal for Southern California. I freaked out! I even called my mom who said Matt hasn’t seen hail yet in his 11 little years on earth – see, it’s rare!

I obviously wanted to document this night where-I’m-freaking-out-while-taking-a-picture-at-a-stop-light-and-screaming. Safety Memories first.IMG 3520 600x800 thumb It Hailed and Candy Scare

Egg scramble and beans for dinner. I’m just an egg machine and I won’t work for nobody but you.IMG 3525 800x600 thumb It Hailed and Candy Scare

Then, I got my second scare of the evening when I bit into this cherry Hershey’s kiss and all this gross gu started pouring out?!?!*%?!F

It is not good wlEmoticon sadsmile4 It Hailed and Candy Scare I need some See’s Candy up in here!IMG 3527 800x600 thumb It Hailed and Candy Scare

candy is not supposed to make you sadder It Hailed and Candy Scare

Luckily we brought home the last of the Volcano cake so I can wash that taste out of my mouth wlEmoticon winkingsmile10 It Hailed and Candy Scare

Winner of the Mason Jar Cookie Company Giveaway is:

Brittany @ GOtheXtraMile  Chocolate chip!!!


  1. says

    Hersheys need to stick to cookies ‘n’ cream chocolate..none of this cherry junk! Fruit is fruit, chocolate is chocolate–> something’s are not synergistic together!

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