Five Fun Friday

Happy Friday!

This morning our boot camp took a little power walk – it was fun! It’s much easier to get to chat with the ladies when we’re walking Smile I wanted to get in 3 miles after camp, but my Garmin won’t turn on?! So, I went out for a bit without it but turned back early because I had to pee. Asap. #RunFail

1. I added Cottage Cheese to my pumpkin pancakes and they came out huge! Love love love.IMG_3536

2. Fit Gift Idea – times are tough, so I love this no cost gift idea!

ACE shared a coupon book with exercise or health related activities on their website. I say take the idea and make it your own!image

Even if you aren’t a trainer making coupons to spend some time with a friend or family member is a great idea…

“Take a one hour walk” – Name the time and place, we’ll walk it out!

“Be your Yoga buddy” – I’ll go with you to yoga!

“One week accountability partner” – I will email you every evening for a week to check in on your progress towards working out/running/clean eating…

3. I kinda love this funny reminder to stop complaining about your body and just enjoy it the way it is. I’ve said before (about my own body) – This may be as good as it gets! And that’s okay Smile image

4. Since I cut my run short I have energy that I need to burn off!!! Maybe some salsa dancing is in order?IMG_3539

I’m sad I’ll never have moves as good as this dog…

5.  Flashback Friday Fun – Michael and I on Christmas! Heck yeah that’s a Teddy RuxpinSCAN0170

Question: What would you like in your coupon book?

I wouldn’t mind a massage from Ben Smile


  1. says

    Wow. I totally want to make one of those coupon books. I can give away my annonying motivational speeches for FREEZIES!!!!!!! I want to sign people up for free GO EXERCISE reminder emails. Or to cook them a healthy dinner. Or the wake-up calls would be SUPER FUN too. I could sing.

    I’d just like someone to do my laundry. It’s hard to keep up!!!!

  2. says

    One thing that I suggested on my holiday gift list was a certificate for a day of race support. Get up early, chaffeur the runner, help them out with what they need, cheer, and then help at the end. Could be free, could be a 2 dollar bottle of gatorade, or could be fancy cheering outfits and signs. Highly customizable.

    My coupon would need to include therapy at the end of the race.

  3. says

    I give coupons all the time! My mom’s favorite is “girls night out” where I take her out for drinks (she doesn’t do that often) and I have also given coupons for spring wildflower hikes and soon I’ll be leading a moonlit snowshoeing expedition!

  4. says

    Love the dancing dog video. So hilarious!

    I’d love to get a coupon book from my husband that had the following: do the laundry for an entire week, bring me dinner 3 nights a week, and make the bed every morning for a month (that’s how long it takes to make a habit, right).

  5. Renee says

    My Garmin does that sometimes…. total boo. Try this:
    1) Connect the Device to the computer or A/C outlet using the USB cable

    2) Press and Hold down the Mode and Reset (Lap) Buttons together for 10 seconds

    3) Release and wait for 3 seconds

    4) You should get some indication of battery charging (either Finished or In Process)

    5) Power the Device ON

    • Nadine says

      Yes! This was a total Godsend when someone passed it on to me. The bad part is you have to remember to actually test out the Garmin to make sure its on before you leave the house :(

  6. says

    Holy guacamole! How the heck did they get that dog to do a little sexy salsa dance?! Bahaha, hilarious! And the guy in the background makes it 10X better 😛

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