Carne Asada Christmas


Ben and I are spending Christmas with his family in Florida so we went to visit my family for a celebratory dinner tonight. Since the weather is gorgeous and we’re Mexican, we grilled carne asada, chicken and bell peppers… I had a big plate of chicken, beans, rice and salad. Corn tortillas went unpictured. They’re shy. Before we hit up my mom’s we visited my Grams. She’s in a … [Read more...]

I am Nuttzo


Last night I made my Choatmeal Toffee Cookies from the Mason Jar Cookie Company. They were really good and Ben and I put a BIG dent in them! But, my search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie continues… This morning we took a short walk before breakfast.  I picked up Nutzo Multi-nut butter as a Christmas present to myself (from WF yesterday). I had high expectations for it … [Read more...]