Triple Tangent Tuesday Signature Dish

(Triple T ala Janae )

1. I had to go to work at noon today for a Personal Trainer team meeting. My boss rocks and always brings snacks for us. Snacks make meetings better. It’s science.IMG_3702 (800x600)

2. I hate that I love trashy TV so much. I’m pretty much obsessed with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of all the stuff that happened with Taylor’s husband. I was not into this cast at all last season, but it’s all so messed up and sad I keep watching. I guess I’m messed up and sad too… oh well.

the-real-housewives-of-beverly-hills(image source)

*Oh, and I never got to see the reunion from NJ – I think I was out of town or something?! I’m still kicking myself.

3. I made salsa chicken in the crockpot and made burritos for dinner. At 4pm. I came home after work tired and hungry so I just went for it. I don’t know what that means for the rest of the night.IMG_3706 (800x600)

I was talking to one of my clients about her grandpa’s fudge and her grandma’s peanut brittle. Ben’s mom makes his favorite chocolate chip cookies and my mom makes amazing spaghetti. I don’t have a signature dish. I want a signature dish! fried butter

It should be dessert, right?!IMG_8596 (800x533)

Do you have a signature dish? What is it? What should be mine?

I’m a bad baker or I’d make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. No, those I can only eat not make ’em.


  1. says

    Yours should definitely include watermelon. I don’t know many desserts that are made from watermelon besides something like a granita or a slush, but they can both include alcohol, and that’s always a good thing.

  2. Nikko says

    I make desserts for my family, which I am sure they love/hate!

    My signatures are Key Lime Pie in the summer months, and Chocolate Nut Pie in the fall months!

  3. says

    I totally love the HWOBH. I think it’s because my life is so completely different and I can’t imagine living like these people.

    I don’t have a signature dish but that’s because every time I make something, it’s completely random and uses what I have. And unless I bake, I hate following a recipe to a T.

  4. Lorin says

    I think chocolate chip pancakes are my signature dish. In high school I would make it every saturday for awhile. Also, I just got back from college about a week ago and I made chocolate chip pancakes every day for 7 days in a row…thank you aunt jemimah!

  5. Jen says

    I make ginormous burgers for people with weird ingredients and creative names. Everyone says I should open a restaurant (as I look to the heavens for my $100K loan to do so).

  6. says

    I don’t have one either and I bake all the time.
    I make a cinnamon chocolate sheet cake a lot, only because I love it. Maybe that should be mine. hmmm I see a research project coming on.

  7. says

    I think that my signature dish is oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I used to make those in high school just to eat the dough.

    I’m also embarrased by my obsession with Real Housewives. I was watching a few shows of Beverly Hills last night just to see Taylor and Russell get turned away from Kyle’s white party. The entire time I’m thinking “He’s going to kill himself soon . . . .”

      • says

        I know. I’m not trying to say that I’m glad that he committed suicide, but I’m glad that she’s out of the relationship and situation. Do they show episodes after he died? I only watch it sporadically. I really hope that she received lots of love and support from those women. They all seemed genuinely concerned.

  8. says

    LOVE the Beverly Hills Housewives, so sad and messed up for sure, maybe we both watch it so we feel better about our lives? That’s what I’m going with :)

    As for a signature dish, don’t have one, but I need one for sure!!!

  9. says

    My signature dish was always chicken spaghetti, but now I can’t go more than a few days without my other half wanting me to make breakfast cookies, which are basically like protein-packed no bake cookies that you can eat anytime. I actually just got done posting the recipe on my blog.

    Your dish needs to be something you enjoy making, and something you can make that you don’t mind people associating you with anytime food needs to be brought to anything. That is the key- as soon as food is brought up, people automatically ask you to fix a certain dish. That’s when you know it’s your signature. :-)

  10. says

    I don’t really have a signature dish. It might be the quinoa salad I always make to bring to family functions since I can’t eat anything other than what I bring myself, so I always bring something that’s super filling.

    And I’m totally into trashy TV. Except…I’ve never watched a single minute of any of the real housewife shows other than what’s appeared on The Soup. I’m totally into Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant though. Don’t know why. Just can’t stop watching…

  11. says

    Ahhh, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my Monday night guilty pleasure- I’ve even gotten my Dear hooked [haha]! Some of the things that those women do/ say is absolutely redic! But I admit, I’m kinda jealous of their lifestyle- who wouldn’t want to go to a spa party or shopping all day and not worry about dropping $$$?! Then again, I don’t think I’d ever spend $50,000 [don’t remember the exact price] for a diamond encrusted lollipop holder 😛

  12. Katie P says

    My signature “dish” is Red Velvet cake balls. My handsome man’s coworkers are always asking when I am going to make them next. It’s funny I think that are good, but they are not my favorite thing to eat that I make.

  13. Jen says

    I guess it would be my caramel corn? Totally a recipe I stole from my mom that’s actually out of some old-school microwave cookery cookbook from the ’80s. That probably makes it sound nasty, but it’s amazing. Really. People request the recipe all the time, but I hate giving it out because I want people to think I’m some kind of fantastic chef.. not some hack who makes caramel corn in her microwave.

    Other than that, it would have to be buffalo chicken dip.. but everyone and their double-first cousin makes that. And all it proves is that I can make something off the side of the Frank’s hot sauce bottle.

  14. says

    Are those caramel-filled churros in that picture?! Best…dessert… ever. Have you ever been to La Casita Mexicana in Bell? They serve them for dessert and it is truly a religious experience.

  15. says

    my signature dish is a southern squash casserole- filled with butter, random cream of something campbells soup, and lots of family love :)
    i think your signature dish should be… ANYTHING with those delicious avocados from your mom’s tree- i’m always so jealous!!

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