Ask a Monican Says the F word on accident

Ask a Monican with a  big pimple I address this email: I really enjoy your blog. You have such an upbeat personality and zest it seems for life. I also think you have a healthy view towards food, body, and life in general. I am striving for that as a goal. I know you state on your blog about weight issues though to me you look great but anyhow I was wondering if you … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wed–Fitbit Ultra Review


I’ve got a fun gear review for Weight Loss Wednesday – The Fitbit Ultra. Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, mileage and calories burned. It retails for $99.95 available online and in stores. You can set up with your name – RunEatRepeat doesn’t fit so I went with option B. (Sometimes I forget I have another name...) The set up was super simple – it … [Read more...]