Weight Loss Wed–Fitbit Ultra Review

I’ve got a fun gear review for Weight Loss Wednesday – The Fitbit Ultra. Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, mileage and calories burned. It retails for $99.95 available online and in stores.fitbit ultra

You can set up with your name – RunEatRepeat doesn’t fit so I went with option B. (Sometimes I forget I have another name…)name on fitbit

The set up was super simple – it took less than five minutes for me to plug it in, update it with my information and set up my online account (A LOT easier than the body bugg!). You set up your account and input your personal info to give it a better idea of the calories you burn with activity.image

It comes with a small charging device that plugs into your computer. But, you do not need to plug it in to update your information online – as long as you come within 15 feet of the docking station it updates! *Love this aspect too – again, easier than the body bugg.

This was my reading after just setting it up:fitbit dashboard

I didn’t put it on until mid-morning yesterday so I didn’t hit all my goals for the day.

This was my reading at the end of the day:image

*I appreciate that it updates your dashboard automatically when you get close to the docking station. I didn’t have to do anything except refresh the page to get my results!

But, you don’t even need to do that – just press the button the front and it tells you steps, mileage and calorie count.

I wore it on my run this morning and it was a little generous on the mileage. I ran 8 miles and walked a bit, but it was about a half a mile over (compared to my Moto’s reading). I’m going to keep comparing to see if it’s consistently 1/2 off or if it varies based on distance.IMG_3715 (600x800)


  • Small, discreet pedometer and calorie counter
  • You can check in with your progress anytime – no computer needed.
  • No monthly fee to use online system!
  • A lot easier to use and set up than the Body Bugg.
  • Online community and other tools.


  • Not as accurate as GPS mileage trackers (Garmin, Moto, other)
  • Measurements based on movement only (not heart rate, sweat levels, oxygen consumption)

Overall, I’m a fan. It’s super easy to use and I love that I can check in whenever I want to see if I need to up my steps to get to 10,000 each day!

Fitbit Ultra was sent for me to review. All reviews on RER are my own opinions. I have a lot of opinions on  fancy cars too, in case any companies are reading this…

Question: Do you wear a pedometer or similar device? How many steps do you aim for each day?


  1. tania says

    hiiii monica :) love the blog! i saw 226 lbs on one of your screenshots above, you certainly dont look anywhere close to that! i was wondering what you are approx, as i think you look fantastic! and am aiming for the same type of shape :)

  2. says

    That looks very interesting… does it calculate your calorie burn based on your height/weight + how much activity you do?

    I also saw the 226 lb on your screenshot – ha NOT! So tricky…

  3. says

    I’ve actually been thinking about getting a Body Bugg, so now may need to reverse my decision. I didn’t realize there was a fee to use Body Bugg’s online system. Will it work for if I do like spinning or the elliptical, or is it mainly for walking/running?

  4. says

    I just wanted to point out that it says you climbed the Tallest Dinosaur! haha I was like busting a gut over here in Ohio!!! Ps I read your blog daily, but really dont have time to comment :)

  5. says

    Do you think the step count was accurate? I have had issues with pedometers tracking too many steps. So yes, I used to wear one. But now I just use my garmin when I run outside or track on the treadmill.
    And how does it track your sleep?

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. Denise says

    I break every pedometer I wear. They either fall off my pants and shatter into a million pieces or they are just cheapies I get from health fairs that stop working.

    I don’t walk nearly enough because I am stuck at a desk 10 hours a day 4 days a week.

    I had my eye on a Fit Bit last year but had just bought my Garmin and an HRM so I cooled my jets on buying one. I’m glad to see that they’ve kept the price the same with this updated version. Maybe I’ll get some Christmas cash and I can pick one up myself.

  7. Michelle says

    I just got one of these and have been wearing it for about a week! It’s for sure not 100% accurate but I like seeing my averages and how much I move compared to how much I eat. I tend to leave my fitbit at home for runs and track the run separately. (I also have a Garmin). Overall I love it though! I feel like having it on is a nice reminder to take the stairs or walk the long way!

  8. says

    I’ve never purchased a pedometer, but have tried using the cheapo ones that I’ve gotten in cereal boxes [random, but true] and they’re kinda fun to play around with even if they’re completely inaccurate- they make ya think! I’d love to see how many steps I take in a day…

  9. says

    I’ve actually thought about trying one of these. I used the Bodymedia Fit device (similar to body bugg) but I hated having the thing on my arm because everyone would ask me about it and then I would have to explain what it was…blah blah blah. This sounds like it would be good! I knew a girl who would clip it to her bra, hidden so no one would see it! I’m a nurse so I would LOVE to see just how many steps I take at work!

    Keep the reviews coming! It’s always nice to see what others think of these things!

  10. says

    I don’t really use my pedometer…but of course it’s pink. Just a basic one…I know it seems pretty obvious but I did notice that I walked more on days when I didn’t work out. So I guess it all balances out!

    I wish I could wear a body bugg for a while! :) I think it’d make for interesting info.

  11. says

    Love how you can put this stuff into words for me and other people!

    I really like how you tackle the subject of comparing–you’re honest about it! I am coming to terms with how my body looks compared to others’…I look different than my fellow fitness instructor friends, triathlon training partners, or running buddies. It really is sad but it took an E D and years of being miserable (at all different sizes, I’ll add) to come to my happy (or nearly happy) place…but I think I’m getting there! Now I can want to exercise/eat healthy (and blog about it, of course) without it being about the size of my butt.

    THANKS for this post. :)

  12. says

    I have had my fitbit for a few years and love the thing. All the stuff that you have listed as pros/cons are my feelings exactly! Glad you liked it, and they are an awesome company with great costumer service. After a year of working great, it stopped working and they sent me a new one!

  13. says

    sweet!!! i’m all about my hr monitor… this sounds pretty awesome, too!

    maybe i missed it in the post, but i can’t figure out…

    #1- how do you “wear it”? it just looks like a usb to me…

    #2- does it measure calories burned by heart rate? or how? is there a strap that you have to wear, too? (okay so that was more like #3 & #4) (:

    • Melissa says

      I have one….it’s actually a clip. It has a slit in the middle so it fits on your waist band or you can wear it in the middle of your bra.

      It only measures based on steps but you can input activity and calories manually if you know (say you use a garmin for your run and know your heart rate info, calories, etc).

  14. says

    You can actually edit your stride distance both for walking and running within the interface. I’ve been wondering if I should log my activities separately (for the sake of weight loss) or just use FitBit as my end all be all.

    Still have to wait and see about that I think.

  15. Struggling for Balance says

    Hi, I’ve been researching UP by jawbone an a fitness monitoring device that sounds too good to be true and from the mixed reviews it has received it might very well be. Have you heard anything about this product? Would you be able to make any recommendations on whether this is worth the investment. Or any other products similar such as fitbit etc? I need a way to make myself more accountable and help me with a true problem of binge eating which is a product of two years of anorexia. (sadly this is not an exaggeration. It is an unbelievably difficult struggle mentally, emotionally, and physically)

    Thank you and love your humorous and healthy blog!!

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