Tamale Making 101


Alternative title: Tamale Thursday since we pronounce “tamale” with the “th” sound I went to my Nana’s to make tamales today! It used to be a family tradition to make them on Christmas eve, but we moved it up a few days this year for convenience. My Nana did all the hard work beforehand – making the chili, prepping the meat, masa and oujas (corn husks). She cooks the meat … [Read more...]

I Quit Running (marathons) Kinda


After the LB Marathon I was very confused about where to take my running. Sure, I accomplished my big 2011 goal = sub 4 but I still walked hobbled away from the race with my confidence shaken. During the race I made deals with myself that included, “Keep running now and you will never have to do this again!” Hey, that was a better deal than – “Just lay down right here so the … [Read more...]