My Holiday Balance

I had my last work shift of 2011 today. It’s weird, but training clients one on one means you really get to know them. I’m going to miss my girls while I’m gone! I’m pretty sure they won’t be missing me though… as my BFF says, “Everyone is supposed to hate their trainer, so they might all hate you…”

Thanks Btch. IMG 0659 800x600 thumb My Holiday Balance

I balanced the steering wheel with my elbow as I ate grapes on the way home.

Then, I scarfed down a massive salad. My balanced meal approach was to put chips and cashews on top of a bed of lettuce wlEmoticon winkingsmile14 My Holiday BalanceIMG 3751 800x600 thumb My Holiday Balance

Then, I had to hit up See’s Candy again. I swear this was Ben’s fault because he decided he wanted to take a box to his fam. Another sample?! Don’t mind if I do.IMG 3759 800x600 thumb My Holiday Balance

Again, I balanced this snack –  I crumbled my candy on some yogurt for protein. IMG 3762 800x600 thumb My Holiday Balance

Now I’m balancing checking emails with packing. Except, that balance seems to be 90% emails and 10% staring at my suitcase from across the room…

Okay – let me get to packing! Hope you’re having a good Friday wlEmoticon smile26 My Holiday Balancehave fun hamster but dont drink and drive My Holiday Balance

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  1. says

    First of all, you are too nice for anyone to hate you. Secondly, you inspire me to try new food combos. Third, I hope you have safe travels. Finally, have a Merry Christmas! (oh wait) Finally (take 2) I am really happy to have found your blog. You always brighten my day.

  2. says

    Love your approach! lol. Also – is it customary for clients to tip their trainers or get them a small present around Christmas (I love my trainer btw!)?

  3. says

    Have fun in Florida! I’ll be down there too for new years, but I have definitely not even though about packing yet haha. And as I start to think about the drive I’m starting to wish I wasn’t so cheap and got a plane ticket!

    Btw, I think chips on salads are amazing, wayyy better than croutons. I like to tell myself that because they’re crunchy they have extra fiber, my mind says “yeahhh that totally makes sense” and my body says “haha who are you trying to kid”

  4. Michele Wiencek says

    I just discovered your web site this morning and having a blast reading all the articles and posts!!!
    I will attempt my first half marathon in March 2012.
    Wish me luck!

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