Time to Wake Up!

Last night I stayed up too late eating tamales and checking email. I thought Ben was going to share but he was still full from dinner. More for me!IMG 2997 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

This morning I got up early to get in a run before work. My client needed to come in earlier than scheduled and the wind really slowed me down. So, I ended up having to turn around early to get back in time. I did 9 miles and came home to the boys of the house sleeping in…IMG 2955 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

I don’t think they appreciate it when I hop on the bed wide the hell awake pretending like it’s Christmas morning.IMG 2962 533x800 thumb Time to Wake Up!

I’m in the process of finally figuring out my SLR. It’s a very very long process.IMG 2965 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

Thanks to a special delivery from Santa wlEmoticon winkingsmile13 Time to Wake Up! I have a ton of Chobani to use before we leave! I made a Pumpkin Smoothie to go with breakfast. IMG 2966 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

Ingredients: Vanilla greek yogurt, pumpkin, ice, milk water, pumpkin pie spice, sugar. Topped with CHIA seeds <3IMG 2972 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

I also made a cheese omelet and PB&J toastIMG 2977 800x533 thumb Time to Wake Up!

We are flying to Florida tonight! We have a red eye flight with an almost 4 hour layover wlEmoticon sadsmile6 Time to Wake Up! It’s going to be a very long night. But, I have a lot to do before we go! See ya later.

Question: If you knew you were going to die in 5 years after having them, would you still have kids?

I know, super morbid question – but I thought about it on my run…


  1. says

    You are so funny…I am happy you don’t wake me up like that. ;)

    I wouldn’t have kids knowing I would leave them behind at age 5. I know it might sound selfish, but I think the amount of pain associated with losing a parent at age 5 is really, really tough. One positive thing, I know I am going to be the biggest mess (already planning on taking the day off), his first day of kindergarten. I will be the one lugging an entire box of klennex and a garbage bag for my used ones. So it would save me scaring the other children on their first day. ;)

  2. Kelly says

    Nothing to kick off the holiday with some morbidity. ;)
    I couldn’t have kids if I knew I would die in 5 years. I couldn’t bear the thought of having a child and leaving them motherless.

  3. says

    I don’t think I’d have kids knowing that I would die. I don’t think I could handle knowing that I’d leave them to fend for themselves at such a young age, nor would I want my spouse to have to shoulder the responsibility of dealing with my death while raising a child alone, you know? As much as I would cherish those five years with them, I think the amount of pain that others would go through because of it would outweigh the benefits.

  4. says

    I’m nearly 16 weeks pregnant so that question totally freaked me out! It’s a hard question to answer. I’ve loved being pregnant and am looking forward to being a mommy, but I couldn’t imagine leaving my children motherless. It’s too heartbreaking! I’ll just focus on giving my kids all the love that I can so that they always remember that mommy loved them with all her heart and showed it every day.

  5. says

    Nope, I wouldn’t. While I’m sure I could do a lot with them in that amount of time….and the early years are definitely a time of great shaping of a person…that’s only a sliver of their life and not fair to them. It’s unlikely they’d even really remember me and that’s heartbreaking for a lot of people. I think it’d be pretty selfish to plan it that way.

    Now if there were just a risk of it happening, that opens up a whole new can of worms. Like maybe cancer with a chance of survival/death…would you have them now, knowing the battle and risks of maybe dying in five years? Or being on active duty that will take you straight into the line of fire (women don’t usually have this option to intentionally have kids and head back to war….but men do, no? so it would apply to that side). Much to ponder.

  6. says

    Nope. I lost a parent when in high school and I could never do that to my kids! What’s interesting, though, if this hypothetical situation was true about my husband I’d totally want to bust out a kid or two. Weird.

  7. says

    Wow totally morbid! My husband and I have been trying for five years and I’d still want to keep trying! And I believe in Heaven, so I know I’d get to see them again. And they’d have the best father ever.

  8. says

    Oh wow what a thought provoking question especially for a Mom whose son just turned 5 on Saturday. There is absolutely no one I love more than my little boy. My heart breaks at the thought of me not being here to experience his life. However, knowing him even for just these 5 short years has enriched my life in so many ways. I can only say that I wouldn’t change a thing. Not really an answer I know. I’m enjoying reading all the other comments. Have a safe trip and a wonderful holiday.

  9. says

    Be safe first of all, secondly, how could you NOT have tamales for breakfast? I would be eating them for DAYS! :) Lastly, I honestly do not think I would if I knew I would die. Being a child of a deceased parent was tough and continues to be. I dont know if I would want my child to ever go through that! :( looking forward to hearing about your adventures in FL :)

  10. Jessica says

    I would not have kids. That us very selfish. I lost my mom when I was 11, I can’t imagine intentionally procreating knowing you won’t be there for them. Instead I would volunteer in orphanages or something to get my baby/kid-fix.

  11. Marcee says

    No kiddos. That would be purposely cruel.

    Sadly, there are hundreds of moms that unfortunately do die with very young children left behind. I personally knew of 4. There were other friends of ours that had the desire for children, but decided against it knowing about their illness.

    These wonderful moms were all battling terminal cancers. One infant was only three months old when her mommy died. Many of her family and friends were surprised that this mom did not wish to hold or care for the baby. Wasn’t interested in bonding. This mom was very ill. Her older 2 children understood somewhat. Difficult to really know with kids under 8. There is counseling …. aftercare. All these women had devoted and understanding husbands.

    To this day I think of the woman I babysat for. She also died when her son was only a month old.

    Knowing what these women had to go through, gives me goosebumps ….. the shakes.

    Safe trip to Florida Monica & Ben.

  12. says

    I think of morbid things as well….just another reason to like you even more!
    To answer your question, no, I don’t think I would have kids. I have an (almost) 2 year old and am 11 weeks pregnant and the thought of dying while they are young is enough to make me want to vomit. And cry. And vomit some more while crying.

  13. VanessaG says

    No. I wouldn’t have kids if I knew I was going to die when they were five. I’m thankful God doesn’t allow us to know our future so we can live in the present=thats why it’s a gift! Happy Birthday Jesus!

  14. Danielle says

    My son is only 10 months old, but I already think/worry about things that he may encounter as a part of life that are unhappy and my heart ALREADY breaks at just the thought of it. That makes me feel like I wouldnt have kids if I knew I wouldnt be around– I cant imagine ‘putting him through’ something so awful so young.
    Now on the other hand, I see the relationship that he has with his dad (my husband) and I see how my husbands life has been so enriched by having our little boy… that makes me think I still would.
    Tough question. I hope whatever you think about on your next run makes you feel a bit lighter than this one did :)

  15. s says

    nope … that was easy for me to answer. i just read through all the comments though, some tough stuff to process. anyways, hope you have a good christmas on the east coast.

  16. Adrianna says

    Interesting question…I know i wouldn’t. I’d be too sad to leave them without a mother, and it would let me only think about myself (selfish much?!). I like the deep topics sometimes, I must say.
    BTW love yalls bed!

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