Christmas Eve 2011

Merry Christmas!IMG 3828 800x533 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

Today was full of traveling, naps, catching up with family and FOOD! Right after lunch Ben’s mom whisked me away to Publix to get essentials. Yes, Stacy’s Gingerbread Pita Chips are essential.IMG 3815 600x800 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

Actually, anything and everything covered in cinnamon and sugar is a ‘must have’ on Christmas!IMG 3816 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

After way too much tired snacking I opened up my suitcase and realized I packed a tight dress for Christmas eve festivities (tonight is the night Ben’s family celebrates). Not the best choice after the feast in the kitchen, but its also ALL I packed – the rest of my suitcase was full of gifts and running gear…IMG 3825 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

Okay, the reason I bought it was it cost 12 bucks at a hoochie store and wouldn’t wrinkle. Done and done.IMG 3826 600x800 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

We went to church and I thought it was the best Christmas service ever! The pastor referenced my favorite part of Taladega Nights – when Will Ferrell prays to the baby Jesus.


At the end we lit candles and sang Silent Night, it’s was really beautiful.

Dinner was another mix of everything – variety of salads, quorn chik’n and rolls with butta. Looks gross, is delicious.IMG 3833 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

Then, it was present time! Ben’s family opens everything Christmas Eve so we can sleep in tomorrow. IMG 3839 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

His mom makes her special hot fudge to pour over ice cream every year too. It’s pretty indulgent, but it only happens once a year.

IMG 3851 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

Hot fudge on top of ice cream means you need to eat it fast before it melts!IMG 3847 800x600 thumb Christmas Eve 2011

All the presents are open and the ice cream is gone. So, tomorrow will be a low key day of lounging, movies and Christmas dinner. I’m looking forward to getting to sleep in an actual bed instead of an airplane seat.IMG 3830 533x800 thumb Christmas Eve 2011Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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    Merry Christmas to you and Ben! I hope you have a fantastic time celebrating tomorrow:) I love candlelight services with “Silent Night”- it’s so beautiful! I hope you have a great night of SLEEP!

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    Ben got a haircut??? Did he have to before his Mom saw it?? I think it is funny what we feel we need to do for our parents. You look great as always. Merry Christmas! (BTW, what did you get??)

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        LOL sorry I have a very overly active imagination…but my family would freak out if one of my brothers came home with long hair…even if I let my son have long hair they give me grief..let’s not talk about the nail polish on his toes ;)

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    Gingerbread pita chips?!?! Why have I never seen those? I’m sure they’re sooo yummy. By the way, Florida is definitely ridiculously warm and muggy right now. I ran at 6:20 am on the 24th and was drenched in sweat. What’s the deal with that?

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