John Wayne Airport to Sarasota Red Eye

Hello from Florida! Florida sky

It was a very long (and rough) red eye. Our seats wouldn’t recline, there was turbulence and I irritated my back trying to sleep with my head on Ben’s lap (I also probably started some rumors). IMG_3781

We left a very empty Orange County airport last night at 9:30pm and arrived at Atlanta around 4:45am. Then, we have a 4 hour layover. I tried to sleep, but it was pointless. So I tossed and turned on a bench for a while until I decided to explore the airport. Luckily, it’s a BIG one!IMG_3784 (800x600)

Ben and I split an egg sandwich and chicken sandwich from Chik Fil A – I have never had breakfast there before!IMG_3789 (600x800)

Those biscuits were extra buttery and amazing. Merry Christmas to Monica.IMG_3791 (800x600)

IMG_3792 (800x600)

I also hit up Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee. Reunited with my first coffee love <3 You should spend Christmas with the drinks you love, no?IMG_3797 (600x800)

I took a nap on our flight into Sarasota because sleep is not a perk – it’s a necessity!IMG_3798 (800x600)

1 Red Eye + Christmas Eve = 2 DD iced coffees. IMG_3804 (800x600)

I also bought one blueberry cake munchkin. I wanted to try this flavor, but didn’t want to overdo it because I know there is a lot of junk in my future. Well, the girl behind me heard my “one munchkin” order and said she applauds my self control. IMG_3802 (800x600)

Little does she know Ben’s mom had 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies waiting for me. IMG_3813 (800x600)Plus, she made a separate tupperware full of them for us to keep in the bedroom. She doesn’t mess around. And, when it comes to cookies – neither to do I.IMG_3812 (800x600)

It’s okay, this is all part of my plan to my make New Year’s Resolution more impressive – “Find a way to roll myself off the couch and dust the crumbs from my belly” is better than “Lose 10 pounds”.everyone-puts-few-pounds-christmas-ecard-someecards

By the time we got to Ben’s parents house it was 1pm and I was HUNGRY. I made together a hot mess of food and dug in. IMG_3806 (800x600)

Smell that?

It’s two huge loaves of Cranberry Bread fresh out of the oven. Merry Christmas to me again! I hope Santa brings me some lenience from the scale…cranberry bread

Hope you’re day is delicious and fun and full of love!


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