Trail Walk in Florida

After breakfast I headed out for a trail walk with Ben, his dad, sister and nephews. Ben was in charge of wearing the Garmin, a job he took very reluctantly seriously. IMG_3998 (600x800)

Owen was in charge of carrying a dead frog he found in the car. He named him Hoppy. No one tell Owen Hoppy doesn’t have any more hop left in him…IMG_4001 (600x800)

Today is Gorgeous!!!IMG_4004 (800x600)

IMG_4005 (800x600)

It’s a trail walk not hike because this place is flat as the pancakes I had for breakfast!IMG_4010 (600x800)

The signs were no help, but we managed to find our way.IMG_4012 (600x800)

IMG_4014 (800x600)

We took a very leisurely pace and ended up walking for 3 miles! Back at home we ate lunch and then napped. This really is vacation!

Ben and I are staying in his old room. It’s nice Smile IMG_4026 (800x600)

Remember when I went to Las Vegas and ran the RnR Half Marathon for Team Refuel?

Well, here is the latest video segment for that project – Episode 3 : Get Set. They shot me outside and from a weird angle, so I look dumb. But everyone else is super cute (and my friends!) so I wanted to share…image

I want to do an Ask a Monican tomorrow – share your questions below or via email runeatrepeat at gmail


  1. says

    I have a question for ask a Monica: I am running a marathon on Jan. 15th and have done one 20-mile long run, on Tuesday, December 20th. I wanted to do another 20+ miler this week, but that would leave only one week of rest/taper before marathon week. Is that a bad idea? Am I better off not risking it? I feel like I need to do the run, if for no other reason than to feel more ready to tackle 26.2. It’s not my first marathon, it’s my second, but my first was in 2008, then I didn’t run for 2 years…so…it’s kind of like it’s my first. Thanks!

  2. Holly says

    Question(s) for ask a Monican! I was wondering if you take any supplements/vitamins/protein on a regular basis and what your overall opinion is on them? Any favorites? Any you have tried and didn’t find useful?

    Like you, I absolutely love running however am trying to mix up my workouts some while I wait for the snowy season to pass. Have you ever done HIIT training? Thoughts?

  3. says

    Florida was beauuutiful today. I’m glad you got outside, I wish I did!
    I actually do have a question..
    So I’m running the Disney princess half at the end of February. I’ve had my running shoes for quite a while now (over a few months) and I’m not sure when I should change them. I know they say you are supposed to get new ones around 300 to 400 miles but I don’t want to get brand new ones RIGHT before the half. So what do I do.. Keep my old ones? Or get new ones and risk not having them “worn in” enough before the half. Thanks!

    • says

      If you get them soon you’ll have plenty of time to break them in. I usually wear new ones on a few shorter runs to break them in. Then, I only use them for longer runs (because I want the ‘fresh’ ones for those) and use the older shoes on all other runs.

  4. J says

    Monica, what type of exercise would you do if you couldn’t run? Do you ever use machines like a treadmill or elliptical? Love your blog and sense of humor :-)

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