Fresh Ice Cream and Munchies


Today was jam packed with food based fun. This morning Ben, his sister, nephews and I went to Dakin Farm to visit the cows. I wasn’t too thrilled to be considered one of the Heifers, but I was forced to agree to this nickname as it was written on the woman’s bathroom door. Apparently, fresh ice cream is made from cows. Weird. I thought it came straight from Heaven. Ice cream … [Read more...]

Vagina Pressure


Hello and Happy Thursday! It’s Thursday, right? I dunno I’m on vacation   Last night Ben’s mom made her signature dish – Mushroom Chicken Casserole. Since this is the first time I’ve visited not vegetarian I tried it. The biggest problem with visiting my in-laws is too much good food. Yep, even hot blueberry pie a la mode. I’m convinced she’s trying to fatten us up so … [Read more...]