Vagina Pressure

Hello and Happy Thursday! It’s Thursday, right? I dunno I’m on vacation Smile 

Last night Ben’s mom made her signature dish – Mushroom Chicken Casserole. Since this is the first time I’ve visited not vegetarian I tried it.IMG_3832 (800x533)

The biggest problem with visiting my in-laws is too much good food.

IMG_3839 (800x533)

Yep, even hot blueberry pie a la mode. I’m convinced she’s trying to fatten us up so we don’t fit on the plane and have to stay here forever. IMG_3844 (800x533)

This morning I did 5.8 miles with 3 quicker miles thrown in the middle. It’s easy to be quick in these flat lands. It’s cold (for Florida) today so I busted out the long sleeve zip up.IMG_4028 (800x600)

Warning – pass this part if you don’t want to hear about my vagine issues. (Vagine is not misspelled it’s how I say it, all fancy like.)

Part of the reason I’ve been struggling with my New Year’s Resolutions is because of this pressure on my vagina. It’s been on my mind for a while now, and I’ve started to worry about it more and more.

I’m in the ‘at risk’ age/sex/life status for this issue as I’m in my twenties, own a vagina and married. See? Red flags all over the place!

About a year ago I started getting questions about my vagina. Like, what its been up to? And if it was interested in renting out the space for a temporary tenant that could camp out for 9 months or so.

I’m in an odd situation as my husband is ready to make babies before me (or maybe he just wants to practice, this is unclear). My parents and in-laws are ready (to fight with me about shoving cookies in my toddlers hand as I lecture them on giving processed sugar to my kids).

But, I’m not.

Luckily, for everyone on Vagina Watch 2012 I’m warming up to the idea. I’m trying to figure out if there are any things I want to cross off my list before I get knocked up. So, my 2012 Resolutions list has a bit of added pressure.

I also really like my training job right now. I want it all and I know it’s not easy to have it all. And I’m a realist. So, I’m trying to get all my little red ducks in a row Smile 

And as I’m a realist I realize I can’t wait forever. A recent NPR story reminded me that waiting too long is risky. But, not living the life I want is dangerous to my soul.

After days and days and days I think I have it figured out on my end. The rest is kinda up to God. 2012 won’t include babies, but it might include morning sickness. We’ll see.


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    I waited longer than most of my friends to start the baby having, and I am so glad I waited until I felt more ready. You’ll really never be totally ready, but it makes a lot of sense to make sure you feel more prepared. Having kids is awesome in a lot of ways, but it does change everything about your life, so I love that you’re really thinking it through. I think you could totally keep your training job though! The hours are flexible, and you can still train through a pregnancy. Whatever happens, have fun and good luck!

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    I’m unclear if I approve of how many times the word vagina was used in this post, but my husband also wants babies, and I’m not ready, and I’m in my late 20s as well. It’s rough, but probably not as rough as having babies before you are actually ready. We’ll get there.

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    I totally skipped down to the vagina part after reading the title!
    I had my kids young and I’m so glad that I did. They have so much energy, I can hardly keep up! But they also changed my life and I love them more than anything in the world and couldn’t imagine life without them.
    Of course, whatever you decide is up to you, but there’s nothing in the world like your little baby staring up at you with nothing but love.
    It gave my life so much more meaning.

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    God had plans for me, and blessed me a wonderful child. I will say it isn’t easy as a single momma, but he is my priority.

    I actually lost weight while I was pregnant. I was eating healthier, worked out every single day, and at the end when I gave birth, I was at the same weight as I was when I got pregnant. Actually I think his birth was so easy (one push and a laugh and he was out) due to the fact I was working out every day. Now..I a struggling to get a workout in.

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    It’s so exciting you’re warming up to the idea of kids! I’m in the same situation as you – my husband is ready to have kids before me. That’s probably because he’s 4 years older than me (he’s almost 30) and his sister who is only 16 months old then him just had a baby a year ago. He wants kids like they’re going out of style. But he’s great in understanding that I am just so not ready and need a few years to do what I want to do by myself and with him. Realizing you’re open to the idea is a huge step too because a baby is so life changing…but I think it’s life changing in a great way!

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    Wow that’s ballsy posting like that, props! Good luck with the baby making… at least you get to practice more! – I hear that’s the best part (and the last time that’ll happen once the kid drops 😉 )

    Can’t wait to see little red-headed bebes! Good luck!

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    you are great and I LOVE how really you are. whatever happens know that you have a great hus and you will be a great mom and you have your family close by :)

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    I think that’s great. :) It’s good to think these things through — there will never be a flashing neon sign that says THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME, so go for it when you feel (almost) ready. I don’t think you will regret it. :)

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    My husband wanted kids before I was ready too. It is a tough position to be in. I’m now 37 weeks and as far as being preggo in 2012, if you can time it over the holidays, let me tell you, eating for 2 from Nov to Dec is brillant. Bring on the cookies!

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    My husband and I were both ready around the same time, but actually pulling the goalie still scared the everloving crap out of us. And then…nothing happened. For months. Which scared the everloving crap out of us in an entirely different way.

    (Now I’m pregnant, due in July, and scared of entirely different things.)

    It’s such a massive decision with so many complicating factors, and it’s even harder when everyone is all up in your business. I really liked this Ask Metafilter question about things to do before you start welcoming tenants — might help you with your list.

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    It really is up to you. Although I am in my early twenties, I always wondered if I wanted to be a parent. My solution? Get a puppy. I go through all the aggravation of having a small child, thanks to my really stubborn, really ridiculous dachshund puppy. Anyway, it has made me realize that I do want children… just not anytime soon. Puppies are much easier than children, and I have had a hard time raising him (although I love him and wouldn’t trade him for anything).

    You definitely want the timing to be right. I’d say go with your gut on this one, and try not to let the pressure be a factor in your decision. :)

  12. Sheridan says

    I waited….
    Enjoy yourself! I am ancient ok 51 I have 3 children Had my first at 31 wait awhile enjoy your 20’s!

  13. Hallie says

    I have the other problem. I’d be ready for a kid tomorrow (well, except not financially and I’m doing the work/school thing) and the in-laws and my husband are all uhh…wait, please. It frustrates me sometimes because I’m like, shouldn’t I be getting all the “when are you having kids??” questions, but I get none of that. Maybe because my father-in-law’s stepson just had one so they get their baby fix…but I dunno. That biological clock is no joke!

  14. Jen Geatz says

    Great post! Deciding when the ‘right’ time is to have a baby is a hard task.

    Make sure you have had plenty of ‘us’ time with Ben. Once there’s another person in the picture…it’s tough to take the extra time for each other.

    Also, it’s a good idea to weigh out your current and near future finances before considering trying to conceive – which I think is a great idea. Not only being financially stable, but emotionally ready for it too is important.

    Raising a child is a wonderful thing! I’m a mother of 2 – I’m almost 33. My oldest is 8 years old and my youngest is almost 3. We are done having babies…now its our time to sit back and just enjoy everything about them! They can drive you up a wall somedays, but for the most part they melt your heart!

    Good Luck!!!

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    Having kids is crazy, insane and the best thing I have ever done. You can still shoot for those fitness goals you just go about it in a different way.
    Kids have made me more determined and committed. They gave me a reason to try and to never give up. If you fail they still think you hung the moon and will give ya a sticky kiss and a bite of their cookie to cheer you up.
    I know it is scary but it really is awesome. Good luck.

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    haha hilarious post! but only because I am in pretty much the same boat. like truly.. every word your wrote, I was nodding in agreement. Soooo here’s to an interesting 2012!

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    I am firmly, firmly, firmly anti-baby. Actively anti-baby. (I really don’t like kids!) It is no one’s decision but your own. It’s YOUR vagine! Do what feels right for you. And if you do become pregnant, I wish you nothing but peace with that decision. And lots of guilt-free food! :)

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    this is a very amusing way of saying this :)

    fyi: my crunchy granola yoga/zumba teacher taught classes up until she was about 7.5mos along, she still lead the classes but didn’t actually do the moves after that. so i would think you could train people for quite a while through your potential preg.

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    Can I join your vagina club? I’m in the same(ish) boat, but my husband isn’t ready either. I turned 30 in October, and both of my older sisters started having babies at 26-27 so they keep telling me not to wait. I agree with you, though, that it’s important to accomplish things we want in life…I don’t think there will be any morning sickness in my 2012 unless God has some crazy thing planned. I read your blog everyday! Sorry for the lack of comments…

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    You’re welcome to borrow any of mine, any time you want. Maybe #1 kid can pace you on your next 5K (hellooooo, 22:08 pr).

    But, for serious, waiting until you REALLY feel ready is tough, because I’m not sure most people are ever REALLY ready. And if you think you are, chance are you’re not. Kids are a madness you can’t even imagine.

    But they’re also pretty much the best things ever, even better than pumpkin pie. So there’s that.

  21. says

    Haha, I say it all fancy-like too. LOL!
    Hey, you’ll know when you’re ready, and I know what you’re going through with the pressure. We’ve been married a year now and even for a year before the wedding we were being asked when we were gonna give his momma a grandbaby. She said she was going to get a new car and needed to know if carseats needed to fit in the back… ugh. It’s not up to everyone else, it’s up to you and the hubster. Do what ya gotta do, but don’t do it for anyone else but you guys!

  22. says

    Vagine (in a Borat voice?) I hope. Andy and I have been talking about trying to have kids sometime in the near future. It has made me reconsider goals as well. It also motivated me to finally make plans for NYE since we’ve never gone out to celebrate. I think it’s nice to realize the things you want to do before having a tum full of baby. I want to travel, drink more wine, lose 15 lbs (or more) and buy a home in 2012 so I feel more ready.

    You two would make cute babies! Aww

  23. says

    I just love Christmas and the question “Will there be a new little one joining us next Christmas?”

    My answer – We already have 2 dogs, so I’m not sure we should get a third.


    Also, excellent use of the word Vagine. Also also, I hope no one saw the title of this post when I opened it at work.

  24. Sara says

    I hear ya. I’m kinda in the same boat only I am almost 31, so it’s more pressure that I put on myself in that I know I want more than one and I don’t want to have to go back-to-back and squeeze all my kid-making into two or three years. Thankfully my husband and parentals on all sides are not pressuring, it’s just my own head that’s my problem now. I just keep thinking of all the stuff I want to DO before a little one comes along and snatches up most of my freedom! Also, I like having some disposable income for the first time in my life!

  25. says

    Enjoy your kid free life while you can! I have two boys, 2 and 4. While I wouldn’t trade them for anything, they are CONSTANT. Parenthood changed my life WAY more than I ever thought it would!

  26. says

    Oooooo. I’m so not ready at the moment. No good reason for it. We’ve only been married six months, but we’re “older.” But I love to see other people have the children!!! Good luck!

  27. says

    At 29, with no yearning for a kid (at all) yet, I hear ya! I’m so sick of the pressure and the constant questions. I want to wear a sign on my head that says “nope, still not ready” at every family and friend (we’re the only ones w/o kids) function.

  28. says

    love the title. you come in first place for most original (: i was wondering if this was going to be a post about you going to the gyno at first.
    i loled in my cubicle. thanks for bringing me a laugh on this freezing cold day in my office <3 i can always count on your cute red-headed self for that.


  29. Angie says

    Thank you for being so honest! My husband and I are also having these conversations, but it is reversed- I am more ready than he is. It seems like everyone in my life has a kid or is preggers, and sometimes it is hard to tell if that factor is putting pressure on me.

  30. says

    Can I just cut and paste this on my blog? I am living this exact scenario. My hubby would have started the day after we got home from our honeymoon over five years ago. I’m finally just warming up to the idea of it all, but am still really scared: not so much of being a parent, but of being pregnant and the labor. The hubby thought I was joking when I asked if we could hire someone else to do that part for us…

  31. says

    Don’t you hate that pressure?! I’m 33 and was just married in April, but have been getting the “when are you going to get married and have babies?” question since I was 25. So annoying.
    I have always wanted kids and certainly didn’t think it would take me until 33 to get married and pregnant, but here I am.
    While I am over the moon happy that I’m pregnant (16 weeks), I have had those “OMG, what did I do?” moments because it totally changes your life. Especially since I feel like I was just hitting my stride in running and feeling the healthiest I ever had. And when you’re used to pushing yourself in every aspect, pregnancy is a wake-up call that you can’t do it anymore. But I’m looking forward to setting new fitness goals and getting back in awesome shape after the baby is born.
    You’ll do great and you’ll have beautiful babies. Just do it on your own timeline and not when others expect it of you. After all, you’re the momma FOREVER! You get to decide when you’re ready for that huge change. But it’ll be worth it, promise!

    • s says

      i must admit that just reading about this topic freaks me out (i blatantly ignored your warning at the top of your post…haha). but i agree with the other commenters, doing things on your own time is best. i don’t have kids but i don’t see why you need to be in a hurry just bc there is pressure (although coming from a family that wants me to have babies too that is probably somewhat annoying, haha) my mom had me at 29, my brother at 35 and we turned out fine.

  32. says

    My husband and I are luckily on the same page for kids (I am actually more ready than he is) and we’re going to start trying this year too. But I definitely agree that it’s something you have to be ready for, especially as the woman who has to carry the baby. But I think that’s exciting!

  33. says

    Got the “so, when are you having kids” question ALL.THE.TIME. It’s kind of annoying really. I’ll have them when and if I ever want them. I’m afraid I’m going to miss out on some things if I have a baby now. On the other hand, I don’t want it to be too late and having a hard time getting pregnant… So, I totally get you. The pressure is bigger on me tough, because I just turned 30.

  34. says

    It’s a pain in the butt to try. The hubs and I have been trying for almost five years and I had no idea it wouldn’t happen when I wanted it to. Not that I would have wanted to have a baby before I felt like I was ready, but I guess I never realized it wouldn’t just happen when I was ready!

  35. Jessica says

    THANK YOU! Thank you so much for this post.

    Oh man. This topic is on hot and heavy rotation in our house as well. We’ve been together 10 years and got married 5 years ago with the agreement that kids were not in our future…ever. Then just about 2 years ago, I was “late” and I am never “late”. I bawled when the test was negative and freaked at my reaction. I put my butt in the shower and went to work. A week later, I was still upset the test was negative so I shared my feelings with husband who informed me that I was just hormonal. I took his counsel to heart and sat on the feelings…for 4 months. At that point I told him these feelings weren’t going away and we had an all night fighting/crying session. WHOOPEE! And then I shut up for a year (please note no one else shared this courtesy and EVERY single get together I (of course, since I’m the female) got the top three questions 1.) any kids? 2.) any plans for them? 3.) when? I brought it up again to see where he was and he didn’t shut me down. He just said he couldn’t find anything to put in the pro column. I shrieked, “YOU THINK I HAVE LOGICAL PROS FOR THIS IDEA?!?!?!!” That was the first time we really communicated on the topic and it’s been frequently visited over the past few months. We’re supposed to start throwing caution to the wind in the spring and now that the timing is just about on us, I’m not sure! Tenants in 2012? Ummmm, I just don’t know.

  36. Celeste says

    My mom waited until she was 39 to have me, and I turned out fine! Don’t rush it, but also be careful, 39 was definitely cutting it close.

  37. jennifer p says

    There is never a perfect moment, but we all have our right time. You know? I had babies young. That doesn’t work for everybody. It worked for me for a lot of reasons. My BFF just had her first baby at 38. There are reasons why having kids earlier, later, in between work for different people…. only you know what works for you and yours. And I totally think you can be a trainer while pregnant and post pregnancy.

  38. says

    Haha, I love it! My “in-laws” used to pressure me about marriage (their son and I have been dating for almost 6 years) but lately they have skipped the wedding talk and have moved straight to babies. Word on the street says that you don’t actually have to be married to have babies and they caught wind of that.
    This past week I went to my gynecologist who also asked me if I was planning on having babies (so this adds doctor to the list of parents and friends asking). I told her after 30 I would think about it (i’m 26). She then informed me that I would most likely lose a significant amount of fertility by then and I should have babies, like, yesterday. I’m not sure I want her to by my doctor anymore, crazy lady.

    I’m not having kids until after 30, I also don’t like the pressure that my vagina is under. Good luck with everything, enjoy 2012 for what it is, whether you decided to have tenants or not. :-)

  39. Andrea says

    You do know you can train AND have babes right? Perfect job for a blog writing mom! I am a non blogging, trainer mom who was able to work part-time and stay home with the kiddos. But yes, do it when YOU are ready!

  40. says

    amazingly the vagina pressure doesnt even end when you have your first kid, they just keep going. I say enjoy the time you can now and also give yourself enough time when you are older to enjoy yourself then. When it happens it will happen and either way you will not be disappointed.

  41. tania says

    Monica you just crack me up!
    My husband ( 35) and i ( 30) have been married for 4.5 years.
    He was ready 10 seconds after we said ‘ i do’ at the altar, but being i was only 25 at the time, i was scared sh–less of having babies, labour, being a mom etc. when i turned 29, it hit me hard! so i went off b/c and we started to try…2 months later, i got hit with a serious medical condition and had to stop trying, i hope to get the OK in a few months, but this whole ordeal has made me realize how much i genuinely want a baby now – i cant believe what a mental change ive had from 25 to 30 :)

  42. says

    We are on the same Vagine Schedule, I believe. Husband has been on my ass for more than a year about it. So, I have had to kind of promise that 2012 is the year (post Ragnar, actually. After Ragnar, it’s baby time). Also, I’m turning 34 next year, so, yeah. I don’t have forever. I’m also getting used to the idea though not exactly excited. Ehhh. Maybe we will be “renting out space” the same time :S

  43. Kathy R. says

    The title of the post made me think you were having physical issues with pressure on your vagina.
    I just love the way you write. You made me laugh out loud. So thank you for that.

    I agree you shouldn’t get pregnant until YOU are ready for it. But also caution to not put if off for too long a time frame.
    Since our fertility continues to decline with each passing year. And the most heartbreaking thing is to want them and not be able to conceive. I’m not trying to pile even more pressure on your poor ol’ vagina… I have just known too many women that waited until their 30’s and then found out getting pregnant wasn’t as easy as they assumed it would be.

    Best of luck to you and your vagina, when you are both ready to undertake the project.

  44. Shannon says

    Yes, this is your decision alone not your DH, in-laws, or parents. You will make the best decision for you cause you is smart!

    Having said that. Doesnt the baby rent out your uterus (or fancy talk-uterine) not your vagina. I dont think I would want anyone hanging out for 9months in my vagina. Just teasing…..

  45. says

    Thank you for posting this!! I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one in this predicament. My husband wants kids tomorrow and I feel like I want them in like 3 years! I wonder how we’ll know when the time is actually right and when it’s not just pressure to get going?

  46. Tameika says

    Best of luck with your babymaking plans! I feel like I’m in the same boat – don’t want to wait too long, but still don’t feel free. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll never completely be ready so I should just do it. I don’t know about all that, but I am strongly considering it as well. Best to you! I’m sure you will be a wonderful mom and I would love to follow your fit pregnancy!

  47. says

    Thanks for this post! I am in a similar predicament where family members keep joking about my boyfriend and I and when we’ll get married / have kiddos. I still have no idea if I want to have children or not (leaning towards one child at the moment, but who knows how I’ll feel next week). It’s all confusing / frustrating that people think they can just joke about something like this!

    • says

      I feel your pain. My grandmother has been pressuring me for years (although I’m only 25 and not married) and she recently got my great grandmother in on the game. That’s right, my great grandmother who already has 7 great grandchildren is now telling me she’s “not getting any younger” and wondering when she can have a great great grandchild. At that point I got angry, turned to her and said “Don’t get greedy Nana.”

  48. Marcee says

    Not to frighten you …. but, the commercials for J&J are spot on. Absolutely true ….. “a baby changes everything.” How can a baby not?

    Could be for the better though. You and Ben are cool & groovy. I’ll bet on it ….. that you will be excellent + superior parents! Hey …. look at VEGAS! Yay.

    There are thousands & millions of folks that are/were never “prepared” for the patter of little feet. It grows on ya! For sure, your kiddos will be very cherished and loved Monica.


    P.S. No pressure.

  49. Annalisa says

    I had my first baby 7 months ago and I’m almost 29. I’m glad we sped things up as our original plan was to wait a few years (when I would be 32/33). First, it took 8 months to get pregnant and gestation isn’t 9 months — it’s 10 — if you’re late, 10 +. Also, sleepless nights aren’t a myth – they are hard. I even have a good sleeper BUT I haven’t have more than 6 straight hours of sleep in 7 months. I am glad I am younger since I think I can adapt somewhat easier than I would in a few years. Also, we want 2+ babies so I am glad my vag is still “safe” for a healthy baby in the future.

  50. lauramich says

    There are things you can do if you’re not quite ready to jump on the baby-making bandwagon but want some reassurance that your ladyparts are healthy and functional. Get yourself a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and start learning how your body works. Hint: Most women don’t actually have a textbook cycle (28 days, ovulation on day 14). Learning how your body works can help you time doing the deed correctly. Moreover, if your periods are irregular or you don’t seem to be ovulating, you can get help ASAP—even before you start trying.

    Infertility sucks, and unfortunately, it doesn’t affect just 40-something yuppies who put off having kids to climb the corporate ladder (which, sadly, is how the media portrays it). It can strike younger women, too. I started trying to conceive at 33, and when it didn’t happen, I blamed my weight and my age. Turns out I have endometriosis, and being younger and/or thinner would not have improved my odds. (Not all women with endo are infertile, but that seems to be my tradeoff for not having classically excruciating periods).

    All the best to you as you navigate this exciting decision!

  51. Shani says

    Hey! I tell my friends that having babies isn’t the end of the world. You can still do everything that you want to check off your bucket list while still being wonderful parents. Also, if there are travel plans you have or something, there are two sets of anxious-to-babysit g-parents who will watch the munchkin for you!

    Our life felt like it started when we had our son. It’s a love you never knew you could feel… seriously! It’s so exciting to watch them grow up and learn new things :)

  52. says

    We were married 8 years before we felt ready for kids(I was 31, husband 36). Yes, you can still do everything you did before you have kids but it’s a lot easier to do certain things without. I’m so glad we waited till our 30s. I couldn’t imagine being in my 20s with kids. I just met someone who is 54 yrs and has a 2 yr old…DO NOT wait that long!

  53. says

    I’m in the Not Ready And May Never Be Ready camp. I’m 34 and I have been married for several years already. My reasons for not having kids are things like how awful the economy is and how the world in general just isn’t like it use to be and it most likely won’t get better soon. In the end, we will probably adopt an older child in a few years – there are so many kids waiting to be adopted.

  54. says

    I’m 26 and have been married 3.5 years. Neither Hubs or I are 100% ready or sure we will ever be….but I have scary high blood pressure (controlled by 2 dangerous to preggos medications) and I’d be high risk and have to see an OB 2 hours away (my dr and I discuss this…a lot). So I have to weigh if my health and potential reduction of income (main bread winner) are worth it. We’ve discussed adopting if/when we decide to have a family instead of putting my body through such a trial.

    But even through we’re not sure and knowing the meds are very unsafe and pregnancy is high risk doesn’t stop me from being sad a split second every month when my period starts.

  55. Trisha says

    I love this post! I’m so glad I’m not alone in this. My husband has been ready for a long time, and while I’m warming up to the idea, there are just so many things I want to do and so many places I want to go before there’s a baby in the picture.

  56. says

    LOL Vagina Watch! Love it!

    Totally know the feeling as well – culturally for me, people are always on your back to get married and once you’re married it’s like when are you popping out the babies. I’ve held off for 4 years now…but like you starting to warm to the idea…

    I still have so much I want to do before then though!

  57. says

    Good luck to you!!! The husband and I got married really young (I was 21 and he was 22) and we originally wanted to wait until I was 25 before starting to even talk about babies…4 months later after our wedding, I got the surprise of my life when I found out I was pregnant with my first. We then had #2 and #3 and we are all freaking finished. I’m 31, the husband is 33 and our oldest just turned 9. I kind of feel like I lost myself in my 20’s by raising babies and lost track of who “I” was as a person. Now that they are getting older, I’m excited to find out who that is!!!
    This is the longest comment of all time, but this is a decision you need to make and I wish you all the best in starting a family!!!! xoxo

  58. says

    Best of luck to you and thank you for sharing! By the way, my parents and boyfriend’s parents also have so much good food at their house. What’s the deal with that? When I become a parent, will I also have a plethora of amazing food in my fridge all the time?

  59. Robin says

    Great post! You worded everything (not kidding) perfectly and I’m sure it resonated with more than just those who’ve commented. I have a nine month old baby girl and she is the light of my life. It took my husband and I years to get her, and even with all the praying I did for her and all the heartbreak we’ve gone through on our journey, I still sometimes feel totally overwhelmed with my “new” life. Better? For sure. Do I miss being selfish? For double sure. Kudos for not taking the big leap lightly, it’s the biggest game changer there is.
    Oh, and when it is time, get a Bob stroller, jogging with it is a fantastic workout!

  60. says

    Thanks so much for sharing – it’s so comforting to know I’m not the only one terrified by the idea of babies! Well, maybe not terrified…I don’t know! I feel like I need to get on with it soon, but at the same time, I’m terrified of what it’ll do to my body (selfish, but true), terrified I’ll be bad at it, and terrified we won’t be able to provide enough financially. Then on the other hand, they look kinda cute, and I feel kinda ready for the responsibility. Such a huuuge decision, so you just take your time and see what happens. Happy NY hun! x

  61. Kelly says

    I love your blog, but acting dumb is NOT cute or funny. Why did you think it would be cute/funny to write vagina instead of uterus? Maybe try acting like an actual adult.

  62. says

    Haha, too funny! Hope you, Ben, and your “vagine” come to an agreement… I bet your baby stories will be just as hilarious as your stories now 😀 I am no where near ready to have a baby of my own but love babies and children [aka why I am a teacher maybe?!]… Those scare times are never fun!

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