Ask a Monican– One Last 20 Miler?


Hello from Ben’s room in Florida. A new Ask a Monican is below   This is a mess. A delicious mess. I’m not a big peppermint bark fan, but I think those Dove ones are winning me over. I like that it’s thick (TWSS) Ask a Monican addresses: 1. I have time to do one more 20 miler OR get a full 2 weeks of taper – what should I do? 2. I was wondering if you take any … [Read more...]

Monica Runs on Dunkin


This morning I did a couple planks while deciding how I wanted to get in some exercise. I knew I wanted to fit in a Dunkin Donuts run sometime today – I just ended up taking that literally! DD is on a loop near Ben’s house that’s about 5.5 miles. I went the long way around and ran 3 miles, stopped at DD and walked the rest home. When I got back I chomped on grapes and cereal … [Read more...]