Monica Runs on Dunkin

This morning I did a couple planks while deciding how I wanted to get in some exercise. I knew I wanted to fit in a Dunkin Donuts run sometime today – I just ended up taking that literally!

DD is on a loop near Ben’s house that’s about 5.5 miles. I went the long way around and ran 3 miles, stopped at DD and walked the rest home. IMAG0113 thumb Monica Runs on Dunkin

When I got back I chomped on grapes and cereal while cooking up eggs.IMG 4145 800x600 thumb Monica Runs on Dunkin

I can tell my sweet tooth has been in overdrive this entire trip (probably because I keep feeding it!). I had to have PB&J for breakfast or I was about to break into the coffee cake again.IMG 4143 800x600 thumb Monica Runs on Dunkin

What do you run on?

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