Monica Runs on Dunkin

This morning I did a couple planks while deciding how I wanted to get in some exercise. I knew I wanted to fit in a Dunkin Donuts run sometime today – I just ended up taking that literally!

DD is on a loop near Ben’s house that’s about 5.5 miles. I went the long way around and ran 3 miles, stopped at DD and walked the rest home. IMAG0113

When I got back I chomped on grapes and cereal while cooking up eggs.IMG_4145 (800x600)

I can tell my sweet tooth has been in overdrive this entire trip (probably because I keep feeding it!). I had to have PB&J for breakfast or I was about to break into the coffee cake again.IMG_4143 (800x600)

What do you run on?


  1. says

    Jealous that you’ve had Dunkin a bazillion times this week. I vote we band together and open one in SoCal! How much could a franchise cost anyway? {more.than.I.know.and.could.ever.afford} But hey, maybe that is one of my 12 goals for 2012. Right, anyway. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  2. says

    I’ve never actually had DD coffee. I know in January I will be running on STARBUCKS because I got one of those mugs where you get free coffee for 31 days in January. Woohoo!!!!

  3. Erin says

    I just ran into my bf’s office (luckily, it is in our apartment otherwise that would have been awkward…) and showed him this post b/c we are in love with dunkin’ but thought there weren’t any west of Vegas. So, after much google mapping we still cannot find the one you must go to. Help? Please??? Every time we go back east we make many trips to DD and even bring home bags of bagels. We are serious addicts and we need a fix here in So Cal. Where is there one near you? We would totally make the short trip from LA to get to it.

  4. says

    I actually definitely run on Dunkin Donuts! I live in Rhode Island, and there is literally a D and D on every block! I’ll share my dirty secret with you– since I drink coffee black and am too lazy to either make my own or drive to D and D to get some every morning, I buy four medium black coffees at a time, and just microwave it when I wake up! It tastes the same and is a huge cure to my lazy woman who needs coffee syndrome!

  5. says

    I cant eat or even really drink much before a run, I have no idea why but I get sick. I sure wish I had a dunkin donut close to run too! I mean I guess I probably could but it would be at least a 15 mile run to the place and a 15 mile run/walk back! Might not be worth it but oh my gosh I tried a vanilla chai the other day and loved it!

  6. Lorin says

    Seriously about the sweet tooth. I feel like once I get started early I start wanting sugar more. I think it’s definitely true the more you eat the more you want. It’s hard for me to stop because I tend to just think oh screw it I already ate a bunch. It’s weird though because I’m not very restrictive so you wouldn’t think I would have an all or nothing type attitude. Maybe I’m too unrestrictive. who knows..haha.

  7. kendra says

    I live in Canada and have never been to a dunkin donut, what makes their coffee so addictive? Are the flavored coffee’s sweet? Is it the Canadian equivalent of Tim Hortons? Which is not good coffee but treasured by Canadians. Tim Hortons lore claims they add cocaine, msg and/or nicotine to their coffee. I find it gross and extremely cracky.

  8. says

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