Tamale Making 101


Alternative title: Tamale Thursday since we pronounce “tamale” with the “th” sound I went to my Nana’s to make tamales today! It used to be a family tradition to make them on Christmas eve, but we moved it up a few days this year for convenience. My Nana did all the hard work beforehand – making the chili, prepping the meat, masa and oujas (corn husks). She cooks the meat … [Read more...]

I Quit Running (marathons) Kinda


After the LB Marathon I was very confused about where to take my running. Sure, I accomplished my big 2011 goal = sub 4 but I still walked hobbled away from the race with my confidence shaken. During the race I made deals with myself that included, “Keep running now and you will never have to do this again!” Hey, that was a better deal than – “Just lay down right here so the … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican Says the F word on accident

Ask a Monican with a  big pimple I address this email: I really enjoy your blog. You have such an upbeat personality and zest it seems for life. I also think you have a healthy view towards food, body, and life in general. I am striving for that as a goal. I know you state on your blog about weight issues though to me you look great but anyhow I was wondering if you … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wed–Fitbit Ultra Review


I’ve got a fun gear review for Weight Loss Wednesday – The Fitbit Ultra. Fitbit is a wireless activity tracker that tracks your steps, mileage and calories burned. It retails for $99.95 available online and in stores. You can set up with your name – RunEatRepeat doesn’t fit so I went with option B. (Sometimes I forget I have another name...) The set up was super simple – it … [Read more...]

Triple Tangent Tuesday Signature Dish

(Triple T ala Janae ) 1. I had to go to work at noon today for a Personal Trainer team meeting. My boss rocks and always brings snacks for us. Snacks make meetings better. It’s science. 2. I hate that I love trashy TV so much. I’m pretty much obsessed with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of all the stuff that happened with Taylor’s husband. I was not into this cast … [Read more...]

Shirt Show 2011–Running Shirts


Yep, this post is one big shi(r)t show. Last week’s Holiday Half was my last race of 2011 and I’m sad about it. Since I run for the free $50 shirt…I thought I’d reminisce over my shirt collection from the year. It all started with Rock N Roll Phoenix in January… Surf City Marathon/Half Marathon (February). Long sleeve is finally back in use after a hot summer! Redlands – … [Read more...]

Running to Whole Foods for Tofu


Tonight I went to a little blogger meet up at Whole Foods for dinner. The girls got together for one more night of fun before Sarah and I leave town for Christmas (rumor has it we are actually reindeer and run Santa’s sleigh around the world).  I cannot confirm. I carpooled with SR and got to ride in her Smart Car! Truth be told, I barely fit in it. Truth be told #2, driving … [Read more...]

Motivational Monday–10k plan


Since I lost my running mojo I have been trying to motivate myself to get it together. The ad above is my favorite Nike ad of all time and I had it up in my bedroom for years I thought I’d repost it because I need to reread it this week. I tweaked my training plan and have decided to follow a 10k training plan for a few weeks. I haven’t truly followed a training plan for … [Read more...]

Carne Asada Christmas


Ben and I are spending Christmas with his family in Florida so we went to visit my family for a celebratory dinner tonight. Since the weather is gorgeous and we’re Mexican, we grilled carne asada, chicken and bell peppers… I had a big plate of chicken, beans, rice and salad. Corn tortillas went unpictured. They’re shy. Before we hit up my mom’s we visited my Grams. She’s in a … [Read more...]

I am Nuttzo


Last night I made my Choatmeal Toffee Cookies from the Mason Jar Cookie Company. They were really good and Ben and I put a BIG dent in them! But, my search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie continues… This morning we took a short walk before breakfast.  I picked up Nutzo Multi-nut butter as a Christmas present to myself (from WF yesterday). I had high expectations for it … [Read more...]

Running Bites


Last night Ben and I went to his work Holiday party at some fancy restaurant in Irvine. I would have paid attention to the name if I was a good food blogger or at least looked it up on the invite if I wasn’t so lazy. Oh well. This picture isn’t blurry it’s just how I look after a lot of champagne… I started with a glass of champagne as everyone got there/met. Once we … [Read more...]

Junk in the Trunk


Ben was off from work today so we ran errands and did some Christmas shopping. I knew we would be out around lunch time so I brought along a salad for eatin’. I added it to our Costco picnic and dug in! But, Ben likes his ladies with junk in the trunk so he made sure I ate pizza too. Darn Truthfully, I have been waiting to hit up Costco for a churro for a week! As a Mexican … [Read more...]

Five Fun Friday


Happy Friday! This morning our boot camp took a little power walk – it was fun! It’s much easier to get to chat with the ladies when we’re walking I wanted to get in 3 miles after camp, but my Garmin won’t turn on?! So, I went out for a bit without it but turned back early because I had to pee. Asap. #RunFail 1. I added Cottage Cheese to my pumpkin pancakes and they came out … [Read more...]

It Hailed and Candy Scare


I finally satisfied my cottage cheese craving this afternoon. Not sure why or where it came from, but I needed some curdled cows milk asap. Done. Right before I had to go to work it started HAILING very hard. I don’t know if you’re aware, but that little weather issue isn’t something normal for Southern California. I freaked out! I even called my mom who said Matt hasn’t seen … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Santa Cat


It’s that time again… Confession #1. Sometimes I do laundry because our thousand year old dryer makes the condo hot and steamy. I’m always cold, but our towels are warm as hell. Confession #2. I bake for the same reason. 110 year old stoves are great at heating the entire house (and potentially catching fire). And now you know why I avoid the kitchen in July. Confession #3. … [Read more...]

Mason Cookie Jar Giveaway


Last night Ben and I headed to Downtown Disney to meet up with my fam. It was Matt’s birthday and he chose to have his birthday dinner at Rainforest café (I think it’s the 4th year in a row now!). Unfortunately, that place was PACKED and there was a problem with getting seated that resulted in a longer wait than was quoted. We messed around in the store for a long time … [Read more...]