Lazy Casserole Recipe


I’m a mess. Yes, that’s the norm around here. But, I’m a bigger mess these days because of the super early boot camp and random afternoon schedule at the gym. I haven’t been able to get into a routine and I’m exhausted all the time. I knew I was going to work until 7:30p tonight so I made a super easy casserole before I went to work. Like most of my recipes the directions … [Read more...]

Not-ella Spread Recipe


Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time in a land far far away Southern California, a blogger who shall remain anonymous to protect the innocent bought a massive jar of Nutella from Costco. She thought it was good great idea at the time. She figured her husband would eat most of it and she would only take a small taste here and there. She obviously was unaware of … [Read more...]

My Bread and Butta


Happy Tuesday! It was rough waking up this morning because I just had to stay up and watch the RHWOBH Reunion – anyone else? After teaching boot camp I decided to head home for breakfast before running. At this point I’m playing it by ear stomach and deciding day by day. Chilly Mornings + Not enough Sleep = Ear Covers and Lots o’ iced coffee! On the way home from camp I … [Read more...]

Subway Sweet Onion Jaryaki


One of my big dreams in life is to get a magic Subway card that allows you to eat for free at any Subway for the rest of your life. (I heard a rumor that superstar athletes get them, but this could be entirely made up. By me.) Anyways, I have always been a big big fan of Subway. I even ate it in Panama because I needed a meal that didn’t include fried chicken for once that … [Read more...]

Garden Lites Giveaway


Happy Monday! I did an easy 2 miler ‘shake out’ run after boot camp to see how my legs were feeling. My legs feel fine, but my motivation needs a little push Some business: I changed how RER looks on phones thinking it would be better, but I kinda don’t like it and have had a few people comment on it as well. If you read RER on your mobile, do you prefer it this way or the … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun Day No Set Up


I skipped out on Sunday Set Up to make Sunday a fun day. Ben and I headed over to my parents house to join them for church. Then, Ben helped my little brother with his science project. After church the fam headed to brunch, but I was still full so I went to get a manicure/pedicure instead. The place near my mom’s is the best and I like to hold out for when I’m in the area for … [Read more...]

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Recap


The inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon is done! I signed up for this race in April hoping and wishing and praying that I’d make a friend to run with me. Well, that never happened. But, I did find someone that needed a ride to the race so Skinny Runner and I carpooled. We met at 3:52am so she obviously had no time to change after her night job. I’ve been burnt out on … [Read more...]

Embarrassing Running Costume


I woke up this morning feeling crappy from all the indulgences last night (burgers, fries, onions rings, fro-yo, hello!). I wasn’t hungry but knew I should eat before the gym (plus I try to eat within an hour of waking). So I made some eggs with salsa and laughing cow cheese. Salsa is the easiest way to get veggies in your egg scrambles. I pour a serving right into the pan and … [Read more...]

Tinkerbell Half Marathon Expo


I have been excited for the first Tinkerbell Half Marathon since I heard about this race on Disney’s Facebook page the beginning of last year! I remember  emailing (non runner) friends to join me back in April. Unfortunately no one took me up on the offer, but I’m still planning to make this a fun race! Even though I am a Southern California girl I’ve never been able to … [Read more...]

Five Fun Friday Fings


Happy Friday! Here are 5 “F” words for your enjoyment… Fitness – I ran 9 miles, wanted to get a longer run in today since I have the half Sunday and won’t be running tomorrow. It was eh. FOOD! I headed straight for the watermelon when I got back. Thanks reader Eva for sending me this… Favorite Breakfast – My favorite breakfast is an amazing egg sandwich, preferably made by … [Read more...]

Running When Sick


Runners are weird people. They pay to run on public streets. They shoot boogers out of their noses onto the sidewalk. They spread vaseline in the oddest places. They suck tubes of jelly from foil packets like it’s their last meal. They smile while sweaty… And sometimes they want to run while sick. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lifelong runner doing laps around the … [Read more...]

Must Eats in the OC


This morning I made some hardboiled eggs and forgot about them, so I had to “check one” to see if it was good. It was Then, I hit the gym for a strength session. I didn’t feel challenged on the leg moves, but felt like it was too hard on the arms. Needs tweaking. I was timing myself to see how long I was at the gym, but it took longer since a few people were chatting with me. … [Read more...]

The Best Breakfast


I have been wanting to try Flame Broiler for weeks since I spotted an ad for it that shared decent nutrition information. So last night I got an all white meat chicken with brown rice bowl. It comes without sauce so I needed to add their “magic sauce”. And I’m sure by “magic” they mean “sugar”, but we’ll ignore that part. Ben got the combo plate. I am an orange thief. I’m … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–Work out at Home Giveaway


Hola! I took my morning snack to the coffee shop to go with my iced coffee – cherries and cheese. I think I may be obsessed with both this week as always. Why aren’t cherries cheap and in season all year? I was going to document all my eats today but my sandwich disappeared before I remembered to take a picture. I’m still sharing this mess so I can relive that amazing salad … [Read more...]

Not The Faster Bunny


Hello! I am blogging from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf between a client and a fitness assessment this morning   It’s super gorgeous out, but I’m enjoying my coffee from inside because of the laptop glare. At least I’m sitting by a window? I was supposed to join a few of my fave runner/blogger friends for a speed work session this morning, but I had to bail last night because … [Read more...]

Running Costume Craft


After breakfast and blogging I headed to the gym for a quick strength session. I used the “hard body workout” from the WH Big Book of Exercises. It called for two rounds of each move 12 reps – but, I think that went by too fast and next time I’ll go through it 3 times. Then, I headed out to get supplies for my costume for this weekend’s race. Michael’s Arts & Crafts is … [Read more...]