What I’ve Been Eating in Florida


There was a birthday party for our nephew yesterday. It was fun and gorgeous outside!  PSA for fellow pizza lovers: Hungry Howie’s Pizza is no bueno. Hanging upside down after eating several slices of  pizza is especially no bueno. (Ben’s brother got us these leg brace things for Christmas!) I think it's werid that I Lalalove fro-yo more than anything, but I need cake if … [Read more...]

Beginner HIIT Workout


I was asked about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training this week. Tabata style workouts fall under this category, but they are super intense. Luckily, you don’t have to jump straight into Tabata workouts and risk collapsing at the gym. Just like you start running by going slower and/or walking, you should start high intensity workouts with easier moves. I use this Tabata … [Read more...]