Ridiculous Salad and Brownies


I am ridiculous. I put cheddar popcorn in my already very random salad today and realized I’ve given up any hope of eating like a normal person. (I'm sure the most ridiculous part of this meal was me trying to fork popcorn into my mouth.) But, in my defense – Ben’s mom is ridiculous too. She made brownies at 2pm this afternoon. There was no one home except me and his … [Read more...]

One Windy Run


This morning I was supposed to do a 6 miler with 4 tempo miles. But, the wind was crazy! I kept my head down so my visor wouldn’t fly off and just did what I could. We’re leaving super early tomorrow morning so this is my last run in Florida for this trip. I’m going to miss the flat land!! It’s a beautiful day, but chili con carne. Breakfast was a big egg scramble with … [Read more...]