One Windy Run

This morning I was supposed to do a 6 miler with 4 tempo miles. But, the wind was crazy! I kept my head down so my visor wouldn’t fly off and just did what I could. IMG 4303 600x800 thumb One Windy Run

We’re leaving super early tomorrow morning so this is my last run in Florida for this trip. I’m going to miss the flat land!!IMG 4300 800x600 thumb One Windy Run

It’s a beautiful day, but chili con carne. image thumb1 One Windy Run

Breakfast was a big egg scramble with spinach, salsa (lazy girl’s chopped tomatoes!) and laughing cow cheese. Plus PB&J with banana.IMG 4310 800x600 thumb One Windy Run

After breakfast Ben’s mom and I went to the store. We randomly peeked into Bell’s and found these barefoot running style shoes on sale. It was a great deal so I am now the proud owner of knock-off Vibrams. Now I’m super bummed I can’t run tomorrow. I am a Tarahumara deep down wlEmoticon winkingsmile One Windy Run

IMG 4313 800x600 thumb One Windy Run

This has been my little blog headquarters these past 2 weeks – the family room. During the day it’s super quiet because it’s just Ben’s mom and dad here. IMG 4317 800x600 thumb One Windy Run

Winner of the 52 Changes Giveaway – Stacey Daly

Question: Would you rather run (or walk) in heavy wind or light rain?


  1. says

    I skipped my outdoor run today because of the wind and cold. My pace usually decreases so I feel like I’m going nowhere. I get frustrated and more than likely cut the run short. Boo! I’ll take a light rain any day!

  2. Malin says

    Rain over wind every day of the week.

    I want to thank you for mentioning HIIT and the Tabata clock, it was the first I heard of it and it gave my workout a new boost.

    • says

      I try to crumble it onto the eggs when they’re almost done cooking. It’s not easy and sometimes stays in mostly one place so I spread it a little more once it’s on my plate.

  3. says

    Congrats on the purchase! I don’t think I could make the purchase- I’m worried that they’ll screw up my already screwed up knees [although, I’ve heard they’re supposed to help that?!]… Def would rather run in light rain and get a little wet than run in the wind!

  4. says

    I’ll take light rain. I actually like the Portland mist we get when it happens later in a run – keeps me cool.

    Don’t do too much too fast in the new shoesies! I have some fivefingers and I still don’t run in them yet. I just walk and do weight-lifting.

  5. says

    I’d pick light rain any day. I actually like light rain in the summertime.
    Lately, I’ve done my long runs on the coldest, windiest days of the week (yay, planning!)
    On those runs, my motto is *what doesn’t knock me down makes me stronger*.

  6. says

    Super easy question – light rain for sure. Wind is evil. I hate it and where I live it is constantly windy. Not a fan. Running in the light rain is awesome because once you’re wet, it’s no big deal, and it makes you feel like a real runner no matter how far or hard you ran, haha.

  7. says

    I LOVE running in the rain. Light rain feels the best because it cools you down a little bit. The worst part is when you get home and have to peel off your wet running gear ;)

  8. says

    I actually really enjoy running in the rain. As long as it isn’t so hard that it makes seeing difficult. I’m not a big fan of running when it’s windy, however.

  9. says

    I’d pick light rain any day! I did a half marathon in November where there was no choice, though–heavy rain AND wind at times. I’m a big fan of Laughing Cow Cheese and egg, by the way; I scramble the egg in a mug, drop in a wedge of cheese, and nuke it for a minute. YUM!

  10. says

    Ugh hate running in the wind and rain but I would rather run than walk since it will get over with faster! My only marathon was run in a Noreaster (nasty rainy windy storm) and this past year I ran over a friggin bridge in what felt like a hurricane!

  11. says

    OMG I WON! I never win anything!!!! I’m so excited!!!!! I would rather run in light rain. Here in AZ, it’s usually really hot, so light rain is always nice to cool down. I was running a couple of weeks ago, and it got really windy as a storm was moving in. I got nervous! The wind made me feel like I needed to hurry up and get home. I’ll take light rain anyday. :-)

  12. TiffanyS says

    Light rain all the way. Heavy wind is a real bummer. It just makes what already feels hard even harder. Rain can be refreshing actually.

  13. Jessica says

    Well – what about heavy rain and storm? :)
    it’s pretty rare here that it’s actually raining without any wind, so I can’t decide, I guess.

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