Ridiculous Salad and Brownies

I am ridiculous. I put cheddar popcorn in my already very random salad today and realized I’ve given up any hope of eating like a normal person. (I’m sure the most ridiculous part of this meal was me trying to fork popcorn into my mouth.)

IMG_4340 (800x600)

But, in my defense – Ben’s mom is ridiculous too. She made brownies at 2pm this afternoon. There was no one home except me and his parents.IMG_4319 (800x600)

So, I was able to strong arm the brownie batter spatula out of his dad’s hand and eat it myself!IMG_4322 (800x600)

I’ve heard some people are born with this thing called “will power”. I am missing that gene. Don’t judge. Would you make fun of someone with a medical disorder? Hope not.IMG_4332 (800x600)

It’s also ridiculous that I ate my popcorn, chicken salad, peanuts and other random crap bowl by the pool in December. It’s cold, but gorgeous. IMG_4343 (800x600)

Dinner was brownies. Note the missing piece. IMG_4350 (800x533)

Okay that’s not true, dinner was actually cat.IMG_4362 (800x533)

Marbles decided to take a nap on the dinner table. Luckily that’s not my plate he’s laying on…IMG_4374 (800x533)

Pile o’salad with a pile o’mashed taters. IMG_4382 (800x533)

And an even bigger pile of cookies and brownies for dessert. I am not taking any of this home so help me.IMG_4393 (800x533)

I felt a little bad about my brownie batter indiscretions, but remembered it’s  Positivity Tuesday!



  1. says

    Your blog is the perfect mix of sarcasm and humor and honesty. I love this post because I can totally see this day occurring in my life. Florida is the most wonderful place in the winter but it was cold today! You have some thick skin or heavy jackets to have sat by the pool.

  2. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen popcorn on a salad, and probably never will again. Unless, of course, you eat it again.
    And don’t worry, I am also missing the will power gene. Do you know where I can buy one maybe?

  3. says

    I love that you put random stuff on salads. Salads are one of my favorite foods, but I get pretty darn bored with them. So, today, I am having a big ‘ole salad with the “innerds” of our enchiladas from last night on top. Should be fun! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. says

    Hi Monica! Recently discovered your blog via Skinny Runner. Girl, I love your sarcasm and humor! But I’ve gotta say… (and I really hemmed and hawed about leaving this comment because I don’t want to be negative! Especially on ‘positivity Tuesday’!) that first salad looks like what I scrape into the garbage disposal from my bf’s plate. Sorry, I’m truly not — and hope this doesn’t come off — as mean. Just honest. That second salad is a little more recognizable/acceptable as a salad, but if you want to lose weight, stop eating meals/foods that you can’t recognize. I STUDIED your salad and couldn’t identify what most of it was! Try to focus on whole foods in their true form and, lastly, I would’t recommend counting calories. Be conscious of them, but if you’re eating wholesome foods you won’t need to count calories. I was running 6 – 10 miles a day to lose weight until I got injured. Haven’t been able to run in 3+ months now! However, since cleaning up my diet (still consuming wine and chocolate tho) and lifting weights, I’m closer to a 6-pack than I’ve ever been. Good luck on your weight loss and running endeavors! I’ll be following :)

    • says

      Hi Mindy,
      Welcome :) Yeah, that salad was an effort to use up some leftovers so it was super random – chicken, rice, chicken salad and popcorn. The only popcorn and rice is processed, but the rest was ‘real food’.

  5. Julie says

    You are too funny! It’s good to know that I am not the only one with this medical problem! I think it’s great that you can make a salad with what you have and it looks like your salads never get boring. I think you have a very fun style to staying healthy!

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