Travel Tip Reality


I’m home! I’m exhausted. I’m trying to blog in complete sentences and it’s a challenge. Let’s start from the beginning… We woke up at 4am to get to the airport for our first flight. I made an egg sandwich to eat for breakfast as some point. Travel tip: You can opt out of the naked scanner for a pat down. They’re not  bad and actually make me feel better than that … [Read more...]

Weight Loss Wednesday–How Many Calories Should I Eat?


Today I’m headed back to California! Ben and I have a super early flight out of Sarasota then a layover before finally getting back to Orange County. I am very excited to be home! But, not as excited about living in airplanes and airports all day. This time I’m not even going to try and be productive – it’s all trash mags and naps for the grand finale of my trip! Welcome to … [Read more...]