Strength Return and Team Refuel Episode 4


After breakfast and blogging I headed to work to update the schedule book and make some calls. After I was done I figured I should visit my friends “10” and “20” for a quick arm workout. Oh my gosh! Since I haven’t done any legit strength training for 2 weeks my arms were super shaky from the 6 moves I did. I stopped at a local health food store for my favorite protein powder … [Read more...]

Bamboo Water Bottle Contest


I went to bed at 8pm last night and slept until 6am today – guess I needed sleep! I’m hoping to stay on an early schedule because I start teaching the 5:30am boot camp next week and don’t want to be a zombie again. I had a speed work run on the schedule – 1 mile repeats, but I realize I need to drive to a track or other neighborhood to do speed work. I live in a ditch. My … [Read more...]