Strength Return and Team Refuel Episode 4

After breakfast and blogging I headed to work to update the schedule book and make some calls. After I was done I figured I should visit my friends “10” and “20” for a quick arm workout. Oh my gosh! Since I haven’t done any legit strength training for 2 weeks my arms were super shaky from the 6 moves I did.IMG_4352 (800x600)

I stopped at a local health food store for my favorite protein powder on the way home, but they stopped carrying it. Bust.

I LOVE that kind and went to order it online when I came across this eggnog protein powder. This could be very good or very bad…image

Luckily, I found the most amazing sample to fill the protein powder shaped hole in my heart… IMG_4358 (800x600)

This is a dark chocolate PB energy truffle – it was amazing! Added bonus it’s a local company.IMG_4357 (800x600)

When I got home I made a mixing bowl salad with everything and anything I wanted.IMG_4363 (800x600)

And had some brown rice cereal for carb lovin’.IMG_4366 (800x600)

Team Refuel posted another fun video – this one is “What is Your Motivation for this Race?”

I can’t paste it onto RER so you have to go to my Facebook page if you want to watch it. While you’re there you can “like” me – it doesn’t mean you actually have to like me in real life since everything on the internet is fake anyways.image

Watch Episode 4 here.

I have a very fun dinner to attend in LA tonight! See ya tomorrow Smile


  1. says

    This is probably an IMMENSELY stupid question, but what do you use protein powder for? I keep seeing people buy it or recommend it, but I don’t know what to DO with it…

    • says

      Different people use protein powder for different reasons. It’s an easy (cook free) way to get more protein in your diet. Also, some use it because they are vegetarian and need a protein supplement or are trying to build muscle.

  2. Jessica says

    LOL at “everything on the internet is fake anyways” I sure read a lot of super cool fake blogs, including yours :)

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