Southern California Half Marathon

First race of 2012 done and done Smile IMG_4402 (800x600)

I ran the Southern California Half Marathon this morning. It’s held in Irvine, CA – where Ben used to live when we were dating. I remember doing a long run by myself and seeing other people running a race in January. I always told myself “next year” and would forget!IMG_4393 (800x600)

Finally I remembered this year. Kinda. I signed up for it yesterday. The Southern California Half is a small, local feel race. There’s no big expo, cotton shirts (boo) and about 4,000 half marathoners. IMG_4395 (800x600)

Sarah (Once Upon a Lime) opted not to run this one, but provided some killer cheerleading and photography. I felt pretty good for the entire race, hit a bit of a wall around mile 8 but took a gel and felt better Smile  IMG_8790

I wish there were more aide stations and there were no gels on the course. The entry fee was not cheap enough for that to be okay.I heard there was food at the end, but I didn’t see it. All I got was a bottle of water.IMG_4399 (800x600)

I have not trained for a half marathon for years. At this point I just run half-ers if I feel like it and have been able to maintain enough fitness to survive. But, I didn’t feel like I was in good shape today – just didn’t feel like I was running strong.

This was a pretty flat course and I was still 15 seconds over my PR (and that race was hilly). I’m considering maybe actually training for a half sometime this year. Maybe.

Half Marathon – 1:47:18 Average Pace 8:13IMG_4406 (800x600)

Okay, I have to come clean – I don’t even run, I actually bike the course!IMG_4401 (800x600)Actually, Ben rode his bike to the race to take some pictures. It is about 9 miles from our condo.IMG_4405 (800x600)

Post-race we went for FOOD.IMG_4403 (600x800)

I voted for my favorite restaurant – Whole Foods.IMG_4411 (800x600)

That upper left corner is a huge piece of Crème Brule French Toast. It was so good it made me cuss.IMG_4409 (800x600)

Today is another gorgeous day! I should really get outside (even though I want to stay in and nap).IMG_4414 (800x600)

Hello to Lindsey, Monica and another reader (forgot your name) who stopped to say “Hi!”!! Congrats on the awesome race! Today seemed like an “on” day for everyone Smile


  1. says

    Because you care, obviously, I lived in those apartments off of Culver! And, it was while I was dating my husband Ben. Crazy, right? Right? Ok, I guess not.

  2. Allison says

    Great job! I found your blog looking for tips, races, routes, people who run in OC — my husband and I recently moved to Irvine. Anyway, we ran the race today too– just a lot slower. :) it was fun, but I definitely need to get used to the idea that 4000 people is a “small” race in SoCal.

  3. says

    It would be cool to see just how quickly you could run a half if you trained for one! I’m a little jealous that you can run a 1:47 without having a strong race…but I know we’re all different :) I bet you could pull out a seriously killer time if you trained for a half.

  4. says

    Great job on your half marathon! I wish I could just go out there and runa half marathon without really training! Maybe someday I’ll do it.
    I love Whole Foods. I’ve only been there once for breakfast – I made my hubby take me on our anniversary.

  5. says

    I want to break 1:50 for a half so bad, and you make it sound so freaking easy! Great job! Is 4,000 for a race really small where you live? That’s just crazy. Wegmans salad bar is my favorite restaurant, so I understand.

  6. zoe says

    Monica, the fact that you can just run a 1/2 and rock a 1:47 is pretty bad ass in my book. congrats girl! and happy new year!

  7. says

    It still fascinates me that people actually run races. It just isn’t something I think I could ever do! I’m a gym girl at heart. I’m just glad that your blog is finally letting me comment! Well I guess I’ll know when I hit submit. So I might be typing this all out for nothing. But I’ve been reading!

  8. says

    I want to be able to sign up for half races willy nilly. Races are so fun! Sorry it wasn’t the best one though.

    PS – I would cuss over creme brulee french toast too. And OH – that reminds me. At one of the breweries we went to in Savannah, they had creme brulee BEER. It. Was. Un.Be.Liev.A.Ble.

  9. Jessica says

    Hm, isn’t your PR actually more like 1:42:xx? Thought I read that somewhere. (Sorry for being nitpicky…)
    And yes, you’re fast – sounds like a lot of fun!

    And a small race with only 4000 people – that’s what we would call big races…

    And yeah, you should be able to run closer to 1:40 if you trained specifically for a half! :)

  10. says

    What a way to start of the year! I can’t believe you’re at the level of fitness where you can just run a half marathon anytime you want. I’d have to train for at least a million years to accomplish something like that. Congratulations :)

  11. Ashley says

    Great Job! I want to try that Apple Cinnamon yogurt! I love all things apples lol. Oh and btw – did you pick a winner of your giveaway last week?

  12. says

    awesome job on the race.. my goal is to run my first 1/2 this year.. and someone recommended Hal Higdon’s training plans.. have you ever used them?

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