1st Sunday Set Up of 2012


Today was a good day I did some cleaning, some errands and some eating. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I also picked up this new to me flavor of Chobani – Apple Cinnamon. I don’t like apple cinnamon flavored things, but wanted to try it. Yeah. I still don’t like apple cinnamon things and passed it to Ben. I treated myself to a Sonic Happy Hour visit Diet Cherry … [Read more...]

Pizza and Pancakes


***I am a mess and wrote this early today and thought I posted it, but never did. Major fail Monica.*** Yesterday afternoon I headed to my mom’s for a family visit. Since we were in Florida so long I missed my little peeps <3 This is an old picture to represent me wearing my compression socks to help with recovery. After a quick dog walk my brother walked in the house … [Read more...]