1st Sunday Set Up of 2012

Today was a good day wlEmoticon smile5 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012 I did some cleaning, some errands and some eating. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

I also picked up this new to me flavor of Chobani – Apple Cinnamon. I don’t like apple cinnamon flavored things, but wanted to try it. Yeah. I still don’t like apple cinnamon things and passed it to Ben.IMG 4439 800x600 thumb 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012

I treated myself to a Sonic Happy Hour visit wlEmoticon smile5 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012 Diet Cherry Limeade!IMG 4442 800x600 thumb 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012


Sunday Set Up for 1/8/2012

(I skipped Sunday Set up last week since I was in Florida!)

I have dinners for the week planned and just figured out my workout plan.


  • Sunday: Casual Walk ~ 4 miles
  • Monday: 3 miles and yoga
  • Tuesday: Tempo run
  • Wednesday: Strength
  • Thursday:6-8 miles
  • Friday: 5k Friday for fun
  • Saturday: Strength or Yoga
    I’m adding a new goal for 2012 too – I want to run or walk 35 miles every week. Many health organizations recommend that healthy adults take 10,000 steps a day. That is roughly 5 miles. It sounds like a lot for day to day activity so I really want to make an effort to do a minimum of 25 miles of running, 10 of walking each week. Added bonus: 35 miles ~ 3,500 calories which equals a pound. That should help keep my fro-yo habit addiction from affecting my jean size, right?! (That calorie count varies from person to person.)

I spent the late afternoon prepping for my first boot camp of this session! The camp is in 4 week sessions (4 on, 1 off). Last session I was training, but I’ll be taking it over completely as of tomorrow. I’m nervous because I don’t have a ton of experience with group fitness, but I gotta make it happen. IMG 4446 600x800 thumb 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012

Now I’m chomping on dinner and getting ready for an early bed time. I have a 4:46am wake up call for the next 4 weeks – better get used to it real fast.

Time to put my sleeping cap on!!come on dont leave me looking like a menopausal grandma over here 1st Sunday Set Up of 2012

Question: What did you do this lovely Sunday to set yourself up for a good week?


  1. says

    I woke up at a decent hour, and went for a 3.5 mile run – with only one walking break (intersection!). I made sure to set myself up to have a bedtime every night this week, so my early morning runs would not be so brutal – because I’d be rested!

  2. Angie says

    That sounds like a great goal. You’ll be fine tomorrow. Good luck! Is this boot camp offere through your gym?

  3. says

    I love the idea of walking/ running 35 miles a week. Sometimes I wear a pedometer to see how many steps I am taking throughout the day and it’s nowhere close to 10k (which Is why I exercise). I was pretty lazy today but I did manage to clean out my car (success!)

  4. says

    You know that if you commit to 35 miles/week you’re going to edge really really close to 2000 miles for the year! (That’s my goal so I’m slightly invested in yours too!).
    As for the group fitness and not having a ton of experience, I used to teach spin class – just remember that they have no idea that you’re not as experienced. They just want their a**es kicked, awesome music and an upbeat teacher. Good Luck!

  5. says

    I’m trying to get in a similar route of prepping my meals on Sunday. Today I boiled eggs for each day, slices up carrots and celery and pre-portioned hummus for snacks. The tedious stuff in the kitchen always gets me, so this should streamline my weeknights a bit. We’ll see how it goes!

  6. says

    My Sunday Set Up is more about attitude and mental preparation- I’ve been off for three weeks (I’m a high school teacher… one week was unpaid furloughs) and it’s going to be tough dealing with 180 teenagers that don’t want to be back. Yay for routine- ?

  7. says

    I’m so impressed with your 4:46am wake-up! Inspires me to get up earlier and get more done in the day. I always set my alarms for times that end in 4. The earliest saved in my iPhone- 6:04am.

  8. says

    I portioned out some food for lunches, did some cleaning to make for easier weeknights, and am hoping to fall asleep soon so I can start the week off right! Glad I found your blog, thanks for the inspiration.

  9. says

    I had a Sonic Happy Hour diet cherry limeade too :) And I managed to peel myself off the couch for an oddly warm and humid (for January, anyway) 7 mile run. Also made a trip to Whole Foods and spent too much $$…oops :)

  10. says

    I got a diet strawberry limeade from Sonic after I read this because I haven’t had one in SO long! It is so good….Today, I made ground turkey stuffed peppers and mini-meatloaf muffins with baked seasoned baby red potatoes for the week (or for the next few days knowing myself). I also diced up some strawberries and some fresh pineapple and put them into containers to take to work for snacks.

  11. says

    I like the Sunday set up idea. If I schedule something, I usually don’t flake out. I’m going to do this for my weekly work outs right now!

  12. says

    I use Sunday as my prep day, too. I made a loaf a bread, prepared and baked 2 dinners for the week, cut up fruit and veggies for the next few days, 2 batches of muffins and made all our lunches/snacks for Monday. It takes time but it helps so much during the busy week. Well worth it.

  13. says

    I spent time outside! I had a million errands and chores I should have been doing, but 50, sunny, no snow, Wisconsin, January…had to take advantage of it!

  14. says

    I didn’t do much except for laundry. I’m not allowed to workout til Wednesday since I just had Lasik surgery, but am counting down the hours til that! I have a long day at work today, followed by grocery shopping, which should set us up nicely for the week too.

  15. says

    I was introduced to your blog a week ago, great stuff. I like the Sunday setup idea, I need to be better about getting a weekly plan on “paper”.

  16. says

    Oye, that’s def an early wake up! I was on a roll going to the gym at 5AM for a few weeks but since getting a puppy last week my gym time has been all over the place… Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen [fridge included] and prepped produce for the week. It’s def something I should get into a routine of doing- the produce thing, not cleaning the whole kitchen haha!

  17. says

    Love the sleeping cap cartoon!!! This Sunday I cooked 5 lunches and packed them! I also chopped up all my veggies so I can make quick salads for dinners! I’m off and running!

  18. says

    35 miles per weeks sounds like a lot, but I guess if you run as much as you do, it’s easy to get to. I’m hoping to amp up my cardio after I knock out this darn sinusitis/double earn infection combo. And feel free to pass the apple cinnamon items my way – I LOVE it!

  19. says

    That is true… I try to walk during my lunchtime regardless of what other workouts I do, but I probably get in about 2 miles, 3-3.5 if I’m lucky. And I don’t run everyday. But, it does break down into the recommendation of 10000 steps. It could be worth a try!

  20. says

    Boy you are busy! The walking is also going to be fantastic cross-training for your running since your muscles will be used in a different way. Keep it up!

  21. says

    I love Chobani, but I am not a fan of apple cinnamon stuff either. That’s a bummer.

    I’d love to be doing any sort of exercise right now. My foot is still injured over a week later. Someday I will get back out there!

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