Pizza and Pancakes

***I am a mess and wrote this early today and thought I posted it, but never did. Major fail Monica.***

Yesterday afternoon I headed to my mom’s for a family visit. Since we were in Florida so long I missed my little peeps <3 IMG 9382 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

This is an old picture to represent me wearing my compression socks to help with recovery. ol crazy legs thumb Pizza and Pancakes

After a quick dog walk my brother walked in the house with a surprise Pizza Party! (Did anyone else used to have pizza parties in school when you won a contest or something?)

I paired it with a salad for some veggie love (something I was lacking yesterday!). IMG 4418 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

He said the latest Domino’s commercials about their cheesy bread piqued this interest so he had to give it a whirl. We got an order of the Feta Spinach Cheese Bread. IMG 4423 800x600 thumb Pizza and PancakesThey use 1 spinach leaf and 1 cup of cheese per stick. I can respect that.IMG 4424 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

Since my brother treated us to pizza I treated him to frozen yogurt – it’s only fair, right?IMG 4425 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

Cinnamon toast crunch was the star of this show wlEmoticon smile4 Pizza and Pancakes 

IMG 4427 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

Ben and I are still on east coast time and went straight to sleep when we got home. Eight hours later I feel like a new man woman!

I took a short walk before breakfast so Ben could sleep a little more. We had to eat breakfast together because it’s Pancake Sunday!!!IMG 4434 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

I used the Hodgon’s Mill whole grain mix – doubled the eggs, skipped the oil for extra protein but less added fat (save that for the PB). They came out HUGE.IMG 4432 800x600 thumb Pizza and Pancakes

I have a long To Do List today since I didn’t do shit took it easy yesterday. I wanted to hit the gym, but I’m not sure time will allow. It’s okay Sunday is usually my Rest Day as per the Bible’s instructions. See ya later!

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  1. Christa says

    Yay, I can access RER for the first time in weeks. I don’t know if it’s my problem or yours, but your pics don’t show up in my reader and going to the site itself always gives me a 404 message. I don’t have this problem with any other sites…anyway, glad to be back! :-)

  2. Carly says

    First I wanted pizza. Then froyo. Now I want pancakes. Damn you for posting backwards. So maybe I’ll have them all. Xx :)

  3. says

    Umm…honestly, I did not read a thing that you wrote in that post. I couldn’t get around those photos. Which contained every. single. food that I crave. Every. single. day. What a glorious food day for you!

  4. says

    Your dessert looks good but I never put fruit on my fro yo, just saying! More power to you for getting those fruits and veggies in. I prefer hot fudge, and obesity…jk! Life’s about balance, right?

    I wanted those compression socks so badly last year (or any pink pair I guess)…it didn’t happen. Thanks for reminding me to lust after them!

  5. janetha says

    hey! FOOD TWIN. i had pizza last night and pancakes today. i wonder if you ate pot roast for dinner…. probably not ;)

  6. says

    HUGE pancake! How did you even flip it?! Pancakes and pizza sound like the perfect weekend comfort foods… I’m not a big fan of delivery pizza but something about the Dominos bubbly crust wins me over every time :P

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