Motivation Monday


Motivation Monday, because the first work day of week sets a trend for the next 4 and we’re going to make it a good one! You can buy this tank top at One More Mile. I don’t need any motivation to eat, but it’s nice to have dinner ready when I’m hungry!I used this TJ’s Curry Simmer sauce for a super easy crockpot dish. Very complicated recipe= Place 4 chicken breasts, half an … [Read more...]

Egg Oats Recipe–High Protein Breakfast

egg oats recipe

My first boot camp of this session went great! We have a smaller group because SoCal peeps stay out of the cold (48 is freezing to us!), but I’m hoping that will give me more opportunity to really work the ladies I have! After camp I was going to go for an easy 3 mile run, but my Garmin died so I don’t know how far it really was (it was still in the ball park). I always take … [Read more...]