Weight Loss Wednesday– The Best Diet


Happy Wednesday! We are just 11 days into the new year and my gym has been PACKED lately. My go-to walking path is seeing a lot more action too. I love that so many people are trying to get healthy! But, losing weight isn’t about what you do it’s about what you eat. A wise man once told me there are 5 Steps to Weight … [Read more...]

Seeded Yogurt and Stolen Chorizo


Yesterday afternoon I hit up my third job as a body guard for Skinny Runner. She wanted to take a walk and I followed a few steps behind to ensure her safety. I was reluctant to take the job at first, but times are tough so I went for it. I don’t steal your jobs I just take the ones that no one else wants to do. But, I almost lost my body guarding job when a HUGE HUGE HUGE … [Read more...]