Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar


Through my partnership with Orville Redenbacher, I had a little video conference with the Biggest Loser’s Bernie Salazar this afternoon. Seriously, he was a doll <3 Bernie is a self proclaimed “snack monster” and volume eater. We’re a lot alike   This chat has inspired me to have a little snack challenge this month –stay tuned. Then, I had a little video conference … [Read more...]

Fig Jam and Cottage Cheese Snack


Yesterday afternoon I went on the hunt for a healthy snack. I wanted something sweet, but with a little protein so I wouldn’t be too much of a snack monster the rest of the day. I took a cracker… Spread some Fig Jam on it… And topped it with cottage cheese. Delicious and super easy! I’ve been trying to go to sleep early this week so Ben and I haven’t been eating dinner … [Read more...]