C3 Stress Free Giveaway

Hello Smile I took a little walk before celebrating French Toast Friday! IMG_4626 (800x533)

A little bit ah eggs, cinnamon, chia seeds and lots o’ AB.IMG_4630 (800x533)

Then, I hit up the gym for half a Zumba class and strength training. I even took a fun pic, but it’s MIA because I broke up my phone trying to plug the cord in the wrong way Sad smile  Ben’s trying to fix it right now, but I’m worried it’s not going to work. I worry a lot.

The Farmer’s Market is right next to the gym so Ben met me there via his Chevro-legs. IMG_4633 (600x800)

We came home with a big stash of grapes, leeks and strawberries.IMG_4634 (800x600)

I stress a lot. Today I’m stressed about my phone, making my doctor’s appointment on time, my sick Grams, propaganda on TV, my chin pimples, butt dimples, the price of gas… You get the point.

Luckily, C3* for Stress sent me some of their drink samples. It’s an all natural drink mix that is supposed to help relieve stress. It doesn’t taste like kool-aid, but neither does vodka and sometimes you gotta deal. I’m willing to give something a try if it’s for health reasons. Plus, it’s packed with B vitamins which I like.image

Now, if you’re worried about something (like how you’re reading this crappy blog when you should be working) you can try some C3* for Stress and feel a little better about it! The company is giving one RER reader a month supply of C3 and a $75.00 Spa Finder Give Certificate (good for thousands of spas throughout the country!!! I’ve used these certificates before and am jealous.).

To Enter answer the question: How do you deal with stress?

Open to US residents. Contest closes Saturday 1/14/12 at 8am PST.


  1. says

    I deal with stress by RUNNING! It is the best time to think through a plan of attack when I have a huge to-do list. I used to think that it would make me more stressed because it took time away from tackling my list, but it relieves sooo much stress. And I’ve got a LOT of that.

  2. says

    I typically exercise, take a warm bath, read a book, or when all else fails: go to sleep. haha. I don’t cope great with stress, but it is a good motivator for me.

  3. says

    I deal with stress by taking a step back and really trying to pinpoint the issue of what is stressing me out. Most of the time I’m overstressed over something that can be easily handled. Oh, and RUNNING!

  4. Erin says

    depends if I’m dealing with it a good or bad way! bad way- get moody and act like a bitch to my boyfriend. good way- running! good/bad- eating and/or drinking heavily. :)

  5. says

    I like taking long walks with friends and if that doesn’t work- I call my mom to talk until I’m blue in the face and the problem is resolved. If that doesn’t work- I have a drink or 4.

  6. says

    Most of the time when I’m stressed, it’s because I feel like I have too much stuff to do in too little time. I deal with it by taking action (instead of avoiding it and making it worse) and by focusing on just doing the one thing in front of me. Then do the next thing. Then the next. Once I get going, I feel a lot better.

  7. says

    Oh gosh, I don’t deal well with stress at all, when I’m going through a stressful period my immune system basically stops working and I get really sick, which makes me realize I need to stop taking on so much at once. When I recognize that I’m super stressed, before it gets to the point of being sick, I try to view things in a different light, letting go of the small things I can’t change and focusing on the important problems and how I can positively fix them.

  8. says

    A lot of times I go outside and sometimes for a nice relaxing run, no time limits, no distance goal. I like to pray on my runs and listen to the bible on my ipod.

  9. says

    I used to deal with stress only by eating. I still stress eat sometimes, but I’m learning more and more to exercise my way out of stress too. When she’s not the source of the stress, my toddler is a pretty awesome stress reliever too.

  10. jen says

    i work out. if its lots of stress, i make sure to take a group ex class so im pushed into doing things rather than losing track of my workout..

  11. Rachael says

    I deal with stress by taking time to do something for me – like take a yoga class, go for a walk, or call a friend on the phone.

  12. Lauren S says

    I try to get together with a friend and go for a walk that way I can vent and get it out of my system. Or I drink wine, especially if its cold and no ones home, lol.

  13. Addie says

    I go on a hard run or get on the elliptical for a long time. I feel like exercising helps me decompress when I’m stressed.

  14. says

    I first and foremost freak out in my head for a moment. Then I take a deep breath and go for a long run to clear my head and get perspective. It also helps to have a willing boyfriend who will massage your back 😉

  15. Heather C says

    I deal with stress in good and bad ways admittedly. Sometimes it’s emotional eating, sometimes it’s exercise, sometimes its just throwing myself into whatever the stressful situation is to get out of it faster. Stress SUCKS! :)

  16. Jamie Z says

    I relieve stress my reading and have just started doing yoga and am loving it!!! Sometimes just a walk outside will do the trick.

  17. Jill Salyers says

    I handle stress by making lists! It helps me get organized and focused and usually shows me that everything I need to do is doable. I also exercise. I prefer something like a kickboxing class where I’m thinking about the next move rather than dwelling on my problems (or I pretend to punch them.) I can’t run when I’m stressed or I’ll go crazy worrying!

  18. says

    Stress? I run in the mornings so generally my whole day will be a bit calmer because of that/ I’m more able to handle things and feel less stressed. However it doesn’t always seem to get all my stress out. When I want to do that I seem to have to get on my bike and just ride with intense fury and pedal as fast as I can up some big hill (like from East LA to Pasadena, lol). Writing or talking things out sometimes helps. As does punching something (like a pillow. or my bed) my Gramm and I have been thinking of buying a punching bag lol.

  19. says

    a nice long session at hot yoga or a deep tissue swedish massage. If I’m ridiculously stressed, then I find that I have really focus on not stressing during that hour or I won’t fully enjoy my practice/massage. It’s usually not until the last 10 minutes that I am able to really let the stress go–but it helps!!

  20. Raak says

    I deal with stress by taking a nice leisurely walk outside (live in an English basement and all other hours I am glued to my desk at work in an office building without any windows by my cube). The walks help clear my mind and calm me down most of the time!

  21. says

    I hope your phone ends up being free to fix! I write to relieve stress. It may be a worry list and figuring out if it is in my control or not, a to do list, a thankful list, etc, but it is always written down and out of my mind. A spa day is also a nice way to unwind though! 😉

  22. says

    I deal with stress by making lists and finding out what exactly is the cause of my stress. Then, I work through it and generally feel so much better once I can cross off the tasks that reduce my stress to nothing!! :)

  23. Nikki F says

    Running is a big stress reliever for me. Helps clear my head and it actually helps me with work-related problem solving. I don’t always come up with the best solution but at least I feel less stressed about it!

  24. Heather says

    While I would naturally turn to too many glasses of wine and a bag of chips to reduce my stress, I’ve been fighting that urge and going to the gym instead. It really does make me feel better (and the fact that my jeans fit helps too!).

  25. says

    Generally I can just sit by myself for a little while and drown myself in some sort of media to clear my head. Lately I’ve been running or hitting the gym if I need to clear my head. It’s really nice because I get to kill two birds with one stone. :)

  26. says

    I de-stress by going for a run or a very sweaty spin class. It usually helps me forget about my butt dimples, at least for a little while. A massage would help, too, so if I win, that’d be GREAT.

  27. says

    I used to deal with stress by running, but since I’m due to pop out a baby any day now (today’s the due date) I’ve taken to writing pithy blog posts about how stressed and uncomfortable I am instead! (i.e., see today’s post!) I’m excited to get back to a regular, running-filled, mostly stress-free life!

  28. Amy says

    I eat! Or ignore the problem and neither help the situation. Soooo, I am trying to work on some more positive ways to deal with stress :)

  29. says

    I step away from the computer! Usually I get super stressed out from work things, so stepping away from the computer/emails/IMs, etc. and going for a short, relaxing walk is all I need to recharge. Oh, and stretch! Focusing on my muscles and breathing takes my mind off of what is stressing me out

  30. Emily says

    I work out – usually a sprint mile, or just put music on. Having something distract me typically perks my mood right up.

    Also – I am gluten free so normally would not partake in French Toast… but I discovered that scrambles egg whites with vanilla extract and cinnamon mixed in is a delicious and protein-packed substitute.. even with a little syrup over them!! Have a good weekend!

  31. marie says

    I deal with stress by either going for a nice long walk to discuss things with DH or by curling up on the couch with a good book (I’m currently reading A Discovery of Witches and would HIGHLY recommend it), a mug of hot tea (Lipton’s Caramel is awesome), and a lapful of purring kitteh.

  32. jillian says

    i’d like to say i exercise, but… generally i go out for drinks and dinner with my boyfriend, or eat chocolate at home :) hey, at least im being truthful!

  33. Em says

    In a perfect world, I deal with stress by running. But more times than not, I have a nice chocolatey snack :) Then I try to tackle the stress with my type-A personality – making lists, organizing, etc.

  34. Kayla says

    To deal with stress, I usually go for a run, take some time for myself by myself, or zone out with a candle going and some delicious food :)

  35. says

    Haha, I stress about chin pimples and butt dimples too. You crack me up.

    To deal with stress I run and eat chocolate. Both cancel each other out so I’m left with stress again and the vicious cycle begins again!

  36. says

    Depends on how tired I am…if I can manage a workout, I try to get out there and just clear my head. If I’ve hit breaking point though it often involves comfy clothes, the couch and some time in front of the TV so I can just “be”

  37. Christy says

    I have to work out hard to get rid of stress. And it’s a daily habit. If I skip a day I feel more anxious and have less patience. I also LOVE to bake! If I ever have free time I end baking some new creation.

  38. Liz says

    cry……….a good cry always makes me feel better!!! when im done with that a good workout something about the sweat n focusing on gettin a good workout keeps my minds away 4m the things stressing me out!!!

  39. Danielle J says

    Depends on the situation. Sometimes it requires a good cry. Sometimes a friend to vent to. And sometimes a speedy bike ride home from the office gets the stress out.

  40. Kelly R says

    I deal with stress in lots of different ways, sometimes I cry, workout, sleep, hang out with friends, or eat. It all depends on what I think I need at that time.

  41. Candice says

    I try the healthy ways first….. deep breaths, a walk or some easy yoga. If that doesn’t fail then it’s usually a big glass of wine and a Cougar Town rerun….. lol. Works every time!

  42. Megan S. says

    I’d like to say I exercise or do something productive when I’m stressed…but I’m going to be realistic and say I head for the food pantry!

  43. Krista says

    I’ve been stressing lately too, especially about butt dimples…SERIOUSLY!! I’m going to Hawaii in 2 months (I know, what a problem, right?) But I want to look good in my bikini & I am stressed!! So I usually deal with stress by thinking positively, like life could be soooooooo much worse!

  44. says

    I try to breathe in calm, & breathe out worry. I imagine a circle. I try to determine how much calm is in the circle (Sky blue) & how much worry is there (purple). Then, I try to brainstorm how to increase the calm, and decrease the worry. I try to breathe in calm, & breathe out worry.

  45. Sarah says

    I want to say through running, but let’s be honest, I really deal with it by running my mouth. Venting to a good friend, my boyfriend, or my dad is a great way to calm down.

    Or just getting a hug from my little brother.

  46. says

    I suppose eating Reese’s by the handful isn’t the answer you’re looking for? No? Darn. Well, kickboxing also works. Or a long run/bike/swim. Then, reese’s.

  47. Kellie says

    I try and remember God is in control..not me. My goal for 2012 is to relax and breathe. I want to be mindful and in the moment.

  48. Jordan K. says

    I like to get in a good sweat sesh to help relieve stress and any tension I might have, but I do have to admit that sometimes a few good beers does the trick too! 😉

  49. Kelly says

    I first try to get some exercise in…that tends to calm me down. But I have also been known to drown my stress in a bowl of ice cream. Not the healthiest…but sometimes you just have too!

  50. Amy says

    As a college senior currently applying to medical school, I am under stress alllll the time. To cope, I’ve taken up running (RNRAZ this weekend!!) and yoga. I love being able to clear my mind and get some feel-good endorphins before getting back to work.

  51. says

    Running, calm music, and bubble baths help me relieve stress. But its been over a year since I’ve been able to take a bubble bath and I’m starting to detest showers…dreaded dorms, So mostly music and running.

  52. Nancy says

    Exercise makes me calmer in general. If I really start to panic about something, I’ll stop what I’m doing for a least a little while and then come back to it. I’ve finally learned that panicky feelings make me less productive.

  53. Kristen says

    I usually try to get orgainized (make a to-do list) and prioritize. Working out reguallary definitely helps maintain my stress level. I can tell I get easily stressed when I haven’t worked out in a while. It’s like I have to store up the stress relief that comes with working out and I have a hard time when that level is low!

  54. runnrjo says

    I run to deal with stress, even in the middle of the night. Of course, on the rare occasion I am injured and stressed about that, I eat ice cream!

  55. says

    I deal with stress by walking or doing yoga, usually. That’s my typical method. Other things can help too though! Baking, calling my dad and venting, reading a really good fiction book that takes my brain in a completely different direction…

  56. Devonshire says

    How do i deal with stress? My honest answer???? there isn’t anything a good ol’ chocolate bar can’t fix!!

  57. Amanda says

    I run to deal with stress. Injured my leg and couldn’t run for a month, and even the elliptical still left me a stress ball.

  58. says

    I used to work in public accounting, and I was in tax. So right now was getting to be the time of year when things started to get really hectic, culminating sometimes in sleeping under my desk for an hour around 4 am and getting up and back at it at 5.

    This is where I learned to love exercise. It became my SAVIOR when I was so stressed about work that I could not see straight!

    So yes, exercise is my stress relief!

  59. Lindsay says

    To deal with stress, I power up my ipod and go for a long walk. I’ve been blessed to live near a long walking path that is perfect for those not so perfect days. I get good use out of it!

  60. Megan says

    Usually by going for a run! Tho sometimes when the stress levels are too high, I’ll cry. Embarrassing but oh well! It doesn’t happen too much!

  61. says

    Stress makes me want to re-organize my entire apartment! Something about having everything in its place makes me feel so much more prepared to deal with my problems/concerns.

  62. Kerry says

    I’m a dolphin trainer here in Baltimore, MD and my stress reliever is working with my animals. You can be having the worst day in the world, but when you look down and there’s a dolphin staring back up at you, you can’t help but smile. : )

  63. Rebecca says

    Without fail, the number one way that I deal with stress is to talk to my mom. She always seems to be able to put things in a perspective that I just can’t find anywhere else.

  64. says

    I guess it depends on what is causing the stress. Sometimes I take a walk/go for a jog. Sometimes I take a nap. And….sometimes, if the stress is REALLY bad, I take a bottle to the bathtub and call it a day :)

  65. Brooke S says

    My mind would love for me to deal with stress by eating which then causes more stress as I try to stop the emotional eating. I do a lot of cleaning to deal with stress. When I am stressed out the littlest mess drives me batty and creates more stress. So cleaning it is, it is kind of theraputic.

  66. says

    Definitely going for a walk. Anytime I get suuuper stressed I find I just have to leave the situation and walking allows me to think plus get a little bit of endorphins :)

  67. Angela says

    To be honest, I deal with my stress a lot of times by crying. It sounds SO silly but it really does make me feel a lot better afterwards. :)

  68. Pam says

    Fun! a spa day sure would be nice! :)

    to deal with stress…I watch a disney movie with the kids, run, play piano, coffee w/my hubby. :)

  69. says

    I clean! My husband knows if he comes home and I’m being a super clean freak…stay out of my way! With 2 kids…my house stays pretty clean! ha

  70. says

    The best way I deal with stress is by exercising (surprise, surprise, I know)–dance, yoga, and just recently, running!

    Changing your environment is another good tactic. Just going somewhere else so often clears my mind and gives me a more positive outlook. (I tend to wander around the mall a lot…)

  71. Erica D says

    I’m such a stress eater. Especially with ice cream!

    P.S. Your blog is not crappy. It is lovely. I know it’s a common expression, but I love that you’re so down-to-earth! And you’re not afraid to use swear words; that’s fantastic. I enjoy the blog very much, even though running ain’t my fave!

  72. says

    i’m not am american resident so i can’t answer the contest :(, but how i deal with stress:

    i have downloaded these apps on my iphone that do like a guided sort of meditation. i have ones that take 5 minutes and ones that are 40+ minutes.
    for the 5 minutes one….when work is like going BAZERK and i’m giong BONKERS, i go to the bathroom, take my iphone with me, and do the 5 minute relax app. im sure i loook like a freak trying to hide/take my iphone to the toilet… but i swear it works.

    for the longer guided relaxation app, i usually do them before bed after a stressful day….and then wake up 7 or 8 hours later!

  73. shani says

    Take a deep breath, a small walk, and think about everything I have to be grateful for… if that doesn’t work then a chocolate chip cookie and milk does the trick!

  74. Amy H says

    When I’m stressed, I run. A lot. Sometimes too much??? I dunno but running never fails to make me feel better and work things out in my head.

  75. Angela says

    I would love to say that I exercise when I am stressed, but it’s just not true. I tend to either eat crap which makes me feel even crappier or just go to bed….something I definitely need to work on!

  76. Tina says

    Dealing with Stress = exercise or food.. it’s all a matter of which one I let win! Lately exercise has been – bodyrock, yoga, and spinning.

  77. says

    I typically destress by running… but since I’m coming back from an injury, I’m trying lots of different new workouts to get my body moving. THis morning was martial arts kickboxing… great way to get out agression!

  78. Amelia says

    Working out definitely helps me deal with stress. It used to be something I cut out when my schedule got too busy but now I realize that is when I need to make it even more of a priority. I’ve also realized it’s sometimes the only time during the day I’m doing something for myself and really look forward to it every morning :)

  79. Adriana says

    My best way to deal with stress is really talking to my Fiance and friends. Support of those around me really makes everything better

  80. Julie says

    I am a bad person when it comes to stress. I like to fester and then when it really gets to be too much I blow up! It is not healthy or good for me, but that is what I do.

  81. says

    Recently? Running. Also, sleeping. When I used to get really stressed in college I’d sleep all the time. It’s the whole “I am too overwhelmed by everything, so I’m going to do nothing” thing. Running is working out much better!

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