Get Over Your Ex Mix


I started this little ol’ blog after I met the guy I’d marry one day. But, before the blog and before Ben I went through a really really hard break up. The kind of break up where you think your life is over and you do embarrassing things to get them back and you make everyone around you think you need counseling and/or new friends. Ouch. I was with my ex 4 1/2 years. We met … [Read more...]

Lost In L.A. Traffic


Hello! I was MIA yesterday because I had to take a little trip to Los Angeles. First, I had a quick appointment around 1:30p so I packed lunch… Then, I met up with my friend Susan (the one who just got married!) to hit up the Los Angeles 13.1 race expo. I was really hoping Susan would sign up for the race, but no dice. The expo for the L.A. 13.1 was sad – just a table where … [Read more...]