30 Days of Smart Snacking


This morning I hit up the gym for some strength training. I did a few moves on the Roman Chair, a piece of equipment that makes me feel silly for some reason, so I prefer to use it when the gym’s quiet   Then, I came home and Ben called me. From the shower. His phone is waterproof and he called to ask me to heat up his lunch. No lie. My ‘fee’ for making him lunch … [Read more...]

DNS and Dinner with my BFF


Hello! I should be running a half marathon right now, but am taking a “DNS” that stands for “Did Not Start” in runner talk   Ben felt sick all day yesterday and I didn’t want him to have to wake up super early, but I didn’t want to go solo to this one (I go to closer races or races with friends solo). Plus, my quads were tired all week after last weekend’s half – so last … [Read more...]