Motivation Monday – The Revolution Giveaway

Hello and Happy Monday! After yesterday’s party I didn’t get to sleep until close to midnight, then had to wake up at 4 something this morning. So, I was dragging after boot camp. Big time Sad smile

The gloomy weather didn’t help motivate me.IMG_4786 (600x800)

I considered going back to bed, but knew I should get in a few miles and start my day. So, I put on my fun red shoes for some Motivation. IMG_4785 (800x600)

5.75 miles done and done. It wasn’t speedy, but it was a workout and sometimes that’s all you can ask.IMG_4784 (800x600)

The Revolution is a  new show on ABC starting today (Jan 16). The show is about a “dream team” of experts that help viewers transform in all areas of life including body, health, style, mind and environment. The_Revolution

“Featuring design expert Ty Pennington; style guru Tim Gunn; celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak; OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton; and therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry;  “The Revolution ” is your daily boost, whether you are looking for inspiration to accomplish little victories or in need of a road map for a major change. Each week, the series will also highlight one woman’s personal journey over the course of five months – a life-altering experience that will touch the heart each time.”

I wouldn’t mind a complete life altering makeover! But, I haven’t been picked for the show. I have been picked to giveaway a yoga mat and carrying case to one RER reader.

To Enter: Leave a comment answering  – Would you rather have 3 months of FREE – therapy, personal training or a personal stylist?

Open to US residents only. Closes tonight at 8pm PST


  1. Kathi J says

    I’d rather have 3 months of a personal trainer. They can do the job of all 3 of these professionals in an indirect manner.

  2. Belinda M says

    I will take the personal training. I love working out! But a little push to get through a tough workout would be awesome. I would like to see a little more definition in my body.

  3. Lesley says

    I’d go for the personal stylist! All I wear are pajamas, work out clothes, and suits (for my job). I don’t have any..normal clothes? haha. I could use the help!

  4. says

    I’ll take the therapy. I can rock it on the treadmill or with a makeup brush, but sometimes there are things that we need to go outside of ourselves for.

  5. Emily says

    A stylist. I feel like I’m a decently attractive girl but I have no idea how to dress myself. Or make-up. Or hair. No idea.

  6. says

    I’d go with the stylist for sure. If I weren’t feeling the pain of paying my personal trainer I wouldn’t be as motivated to put in the extra work outside of our training sessions.

  7. Jen says

    Stylist for sure. Insurance can cover therapy and there are a lot of good deals out there for personal trainers but i have never seen a groupon for a stylist!

  8. Alison says

    Hmm… when you say therapy, does massage therapy count? Because I would LOVE 3 months of massages! Trainer would be next, I need to learn some new lower body workouts.

  9. beth says

    Therapy for sure! Your body is only as healthy as your mind and you can look as pretty as you want in clothes, but beauty is on the inside!

  10. says

    I would definitely take the personal training – I already have low cost therapy because my insurance is baller, and I’m content with my style, even if it is a little bit weird. :)

  11. says

    As much as I NEED a stylist and as much as others say I need a therapist, I think personal training would benefit me the most in the long run! Unfortunately, it’s not in the budget for me currently

  12. April says

    Tough to choose….but I’d say a stylist because I’ve had a personal trainer and a therapist, but never a stylist!

  13. Mallory says

    I should probably say therapy but that is no fun. I’m more of a sweats and comfy clothes whenever socially possible. So definitely a trainer!

  14. Sophie says

    I would rather have 3 months of personal training.. I want someone to tell me exactly what I need to do to look the way I want to :)

  15. andrea says

    I would choose a personal stylist! I really need help in that department, and if I feel good about myself I don’t need a therapist.

  16. Bethany says

    Therapy! I think I can google enough to keep on track for fitness and style, but it would be nice to have someone who HAD to listen to me blab on for three months :)

  17. says

    I think I would chose the personal trainer – I like to think working out is itself therapeutic and I have watched enough Stacy London and Clinton Kelly to know to stay away from PJ pants in public so I think I’m okay on the fashion front for now!

  18. says

    Thanks to my University, I already have access to free therapy and a gym (I realize I’m in the minority here, unfortunately). I’d love to have a personal stylist! It’s easy for me to get caught the yoga pants and hoodie trap!

  19. says

    I think personal training, because while a stylist is great, I’m not going anywhere fancy! And my husband and friends are basically free therapy. So personal training it is!

  20. Suzi says

    I would have to choose the personal training. I currently work out with my hubby, which is great, but it would be awesome to have a trained professional work with me. I am working on making a true lifestyle change and know a trainer would really help with that.

  21. says

    I wish nutritionist was part of the choices! I guess I’d choose personal training. I love learning new exercise moves and changing up my routine. My boyfriend may argue that I need the therapy option!

  22. Adria Biasi says

    I would prefer three months free of therapy, I feel like my style is to far gone to fix and I am an exercise science major so I dont really need a trainer

  23. says

    Personal training, hands down. I have friends and husband for therapy and I think a stylist would be nice, but really I care most about getting a great workout on. I would love to have someone who’d be able to tell me what to do better.

  24. Michelle says

    Personal training for sure!! I’m pretty much set on dressing myself (unless a wardrobe is included!) and the working out would be lime therapy!!

  25. Megan says

    Personal training! I’m a social worker so some friends are therapists & I reap the benefits for free! & I do not care about style and loathe getting ready so that one would be lost on me!

  26. crystal says

    Therapy hands down. I can work out self directed and am at a point in my life where I’m very comfortable with my style (or lack there of). But therapy would be such a gift. As would a new yoga mat and bag actually. My current bag is over 10 years old and finally falling apart.

  27. says

    Personal training, absolutely! No desire for a stylist and therapy might be nice but figure I’d probably be over it in about a day. Personal training I could totally get on board with though!

  28. says

    Personal training for sure! I like to have someone to push me and I don’t always get that! Ive never been too worried about what I wear… so the therapist would be up for runner up!

  29. says

    I am definitely kind of excited about this show.

    I would like to have a stylist I think. I have been in therapy already for YEARS, I have had enough trainers to be pretty happy with my workouts, but my clothes? Yeah, they could use a hand for SURE!

  30. says

    Stylist! My huge swimmer shoulders, small-ish waist, and height make it nearly impossible to find a style other than fleece and workout clothes!!!

  31. Vesna says

    I’d pick the stylist. My fiance is a former personal trainer so whenever I ask for help; he’s right there. Already paid for the therapist. Now the stylist…she (or he) can help me find flattering clothes for a size 14 girl who does not want to feel frumpy!

  32. says

    Sometimes wearing cute shoes can be so motivating!

    For the giveaway, I’d definitely rather have 3 months of personal training over anything else. That is probably the area I’d like the most help on.

  33. says

    Oooh, good question! Erm, trainer. I know what to do but it would be fun to have someone change it up for me/give me new ideas of what to do. Running is my therapy. Stylist could be fun too though, but I agree that they’d have to also cover all the other stuff with that that costs money (hair, wardrobe, treatments, etc)!

  34. Laurel C says

    ummm can I have 3 months of all three?? please?! haha umm I’d probably have to say the personal trainer, because I’ve never actually had one before. I usually just try to do my own thing at the gym and it’d be nice to have some actual guidance!

  35. elizabeth says

    Whoa – that’s a hard one, but I’d have to go with the personal stylist. My wardrobe could definitely use some help, like in a what-not-to-wear kind of way. LOL

  36. SaraRM says

    Given that I am a personal trainer, that would probably just look bad to have that haha. hmm can I go with personal hair/makeup stylist?! Because doing my hair and makeup sucks, does that type of stylist count! :)

  37. Tina says

    Therapy – it would be nice to talk to someone with a completely unbiased perspective on my life.

    While I find running to be theraputic – you’re not letting it out.

    As for a stylist – I like my style why would I want someone to change me?

  38. Megan S. says

    As much as I want to say trainer, I think I’m going to go with a stylist! It would be awesome for someone to do all the work to get myself ready. The time it takes to be getting myself ready and picking out what clothes to wear, I could stay at the gym longer!

  39. carrie bradshaw says

    Oooh, this is a good one. I have to go with Personal Training. Endorphins are like therapy, so you get the best of both worlds.

  40. Blair says

    Hmm is it weird that I’m not super excited by any of the three options? Sure a trainer could improve my workouts, but I think I’d get annoyed with being told what to do all the time (which I know is what a lot of people like. and no disrespect to your profession! I just get in the zone with my workouts and use it as me time). I think I dress pretty well, and I’ve got some crazies (who doesn’t) but I don’t feel the need to discuss them. If this makes me sound like a really have my stuff together, don’t worry, I don’t. Just a stubborn only child who isn’t looking to change much!

  41. says

    How about… a person trainer who is currently studying for their masters in therapy (and who has AMAZING style)? I think that would work perfectly for me.

  42. Kathy R. says

    Well, there’s no doubt I need all three…. but since I could only choose one of those… I would pick a personal trainer.

  43. says

    Oo this one is tough. I already am a personal trainer so I think I will have to say stylist. I need a fashion makeover big time. (Although workout clothes are always in style.. but maybe not ALL day).

  44. says

    This is difficult! I immediately thought that I would want to have style guru because after losing a few pounds and starting running, my body has completely transformed. I cannot just go a size down anymore, don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing, but I just don’t know how to dress! For working out, no big deal, but for work and everyday… eek!

    But, I think in the end, I would have to go with a personal trainer. It is essential to get that boost of confidence and become better. You all know as well as I do, as soon as you get that inner confidence, it shows through no matter how weird your pants fit. :)

  45. says

    Definitely personal trainer. Learn some new moves that I can continue once my 3 months is up. I feel like the other 2 wouldnt be as useful once the 3 months is up (and lets be honestly therapy would take longer than 3 months!)

  46. Lisa N. says

    Umm….I think I would rather have a personal chef for 3 months but since that wasn’t an option, I’ll go with a personal trainer :)

  47. Liz Pagonis says

    I would love to have a personal trainer for a few months. My boyfriend, friends, and family would probably tell me to pick the stylist though. I’m waiting for the day What Not To Wear appears at my door :)

  48. says

    This is tough…I NEED a personal stylist in my life (according to my boyfriend, he is the fashionable one in this relationship). But I’d rather have the 3 months spread out over the course of a year so I can get help for all seasons.

    But I know I need a personal trainer to kick my butt into cross-training mode (and maybe the personal trainer comes with free pilates reformer classes? those babies are EXPENSIVE!)

  49. Rachael Ann says

    Therapy? Only if it’s massage =]
    I’d probably go for personal training though… Or I’d settle for a gym buddy!

  50. says

    Tough decision between trainer and stylist. I think I do alright putting together my workout plans (with a little help from Google search results) but I have no style to speak of and look a mess most of the time. So I’m gonna say stylist… or an episode of What Not To Wear all about my crappy wardrobe.

  51. Tara says

    Even though I know a lot about making fitness routines I would still take the three free months on personal training. You can always learn a new exercise or approach to fitness!

  52. Kim says

    My family would say stylist, but I pick trainer! If I feel good on the inside, then my outside has to look better, right?

  53. says

    I would love to have a personal trainer for 3 months. I’m not concerned enough about fashion and being trendy to need a stylist. A therapist would be nice, and needed, but I don’t really like talking about myself if it’s not in blog form.

  54. says

    Great question! While I could probably use at least three months of all three options, I would definitely go for personal training. Which would you choose?

  55. Nicole says

    I’d love to have 3 months personal training! I think it would help me continue to build my workout repertoire!

  56. says

    All 3 of those would be great but I’d have to say a therapist – that might make me sound crazy but I find it so cathartic to have an outlet to be totally angsty, and then return to your normal life a little less self-focused.

  57. Mary says

    Definitely personal training! It’s a win-win because whenever I work out I feel amazing, so then no need for a therapist, and if I tone up and lose weight then finding clothes is easy!

  58. says

    hmm…this is hard because I really want 3 months of personal training. I feel that I need a guide and someone to hold me accountable. It is easy for me to skip a workout because it is just me that i am making excuses to…if I had a trainer, then i would feel guilted into doing the workout because I would have to answer to someone…although I may need 3 months of therapy to figure out why I can’t seem to throw away the huge bag of dryer lint hanging above my dryer, why I smell the hair that I clean out of my brush before I throw it away or why licked my yoga mat the other day because it smelled like watermelon:/

  59. Amy says

    I would definitely choose 3 months of personal training. I know it’s corny, but working out clears my mind and helps me to de-stress. And once I had a sexy bod, I would have no trouble shopping for it :)

  60. Kelly says

    difficult decision but since i am currently training for my first half marathon and am focused on running, i would have to go for the stylist!!

  61. Stacey says

    Definitely the personal trainer. I can use all the help I can get after the holiday poundage I managed to pack on…

  62. Alison Elizabeth says

    Training! I do pretty darn well on my own, but it’d be fun to have a refresher on proper form and someone to motivate me to try new things1

  63. says

    oh gosh any of those options would be great! I would like a personal stylist if they would pay for the clothes! i definitely think a good therapy session would do me wonders and of course a personal trainer would always be nice. haha

  64. says

    Personal training, definitely!!! That is SO expensive but worth it. Our gym gives free sessions to people when they sign up..and my 30 minute session left me sore for a week. I would have signed up until hearing the $300/mo cost! Nooo thank you.

  65. Anne says

    Stylist! I love to get my workout on and I’m reasonably sane, but my style is definitely not top notch. I’m a tomboy at heart.

  66. Rachael B says

    I’d definitely have to go with personal stylist especially if it came with a meeting with Tim Gunn. Project Runway made him a household name and I don’t think there’s anyone’s judgment I might trust more than his when it comes to sensible styling.

  67. says

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