Peanut Butter Cheerios

Maybe it’s because I love food, maybe it’s because I love shopping, maybe it’s because I love food shopping – but I am good at finding new foods!IMG_4798 (800x600)

Today I went in to Target for one little ol’ thing and spotted the new Peanut Butter Cheerios right away.IMG_4792 (600x800)

I was on the phone with my mom and pretty much made her think I found the last jar of concealer during pimple period week.

The nutrition stats are okay – not good, not bad.

Peanut Butter Cheerios nutrition information:IMG_4794 (600x800)

But the cereal is good! You know how you try to put some PB on your spoon when you’re eating cereal but it just gets hard with the cold milk and you end up eating one big ol’ hard lump of nut butter (where is she going with this?)?

Yes, I know at least some of you are nodding.

Well, now you don’t have to do that. All the PB flavor without that hard lump! IMG_4798 (800x600)

They also have Dulce de Leche Cheerios! I didn’t buy this kind – has anyone tried it??

IMG_4795 (600x800) IMG_4796 (600x800)

I’m not just good at finding new foods (another find is coming tonight), I’m good at losing toenails (I know, food and gross toes – multitalented over here).

When I first starting running marathons this blog was quite the foot fetish spectacle. For some reason I’m intrigued by losing toe nails. Today, I didn’t lose a nail, but I did discover a bloody sock when I took off my shoes post-run.bloody toe

Since I skipped Sunday Searches that led unsuspecting people to Run Eat Repeat yesterday, let me share today…

Top 5 RER Searches of the Week – and my responses:

1. big butts – yep, you came to the right place

2. i eat a tub of hummus a day – you’ll soon end up with #1, trust me

3. ginger with no soul – Only God can judge me now.

4. i’m losing it man – Eat some cheerios and relax Smile

5. i like your hair i hope you win – Win what? I hope the prize is food…


  1. says

    Oh. I’m like the queen of new food spotting. It’s always bad if we’re at a restaurant ordering and I don’t have glasses on. Kevin doesn’t tell me about the “special” things. Like seasonal and whatnot. We would seriously love PB Cheerios! That’s genius!!!!!!!

  2. Ali says

    That happens to me all the time! The little sharp toenail corner jabs me until I bleed when I run. Also, the thing with the hard nut butter lump, but I don’t mind that so much…just an excuse to add more. :)

  3. says

    Ha! And I love notsogoodforyou cereals :) I usually end up eating them as a snack. And is it sad that when I saw the flavor of those Cheerios my first thought was ‘philly (my dog) would love those’?

  4. Jazz says

    Oh man, I saw those cheerios on serious eats last week, and they arn’t in Canada!! good thing I’m going to the states in a few weeks to stock up.. and $3.50 a box??? man! I LOVE shopping in the USA! that would be 5 bucks here!

  5. says

    Saw your tweet about this post and I had to rush right over! I too tried these yummy o’s, and they’re so good I had to go back to buy more! PB Cheerios are GENIUS, if you ask me! (As is your attempt to add PB to your cereal in the past :)

    Now… I have to tell you something CRAZY I heard on the radio last week about these Cheerios. Apparently, there are Moms organizations trying to get these PB Cheerios banned! They’re worried about cross-contamination with the regular old o’s and how that might impact children with peanut allergies. I heard this the DAY after I had my first bowl. Please say they’ll be here forever. Please!

  6. says

    This has to seriously be one the best food finds I’ve read about in a while! I love their honey nut flavor but peanut butter? OMG, I’m thinking of all the bowls I’ll consume and snacks I could make with them. Must. Get. To. Target. Now. Thanks, Monica!

  7. says

    Everyone always thinks I’m weird when I tell them I love grocery shopping! If I’m bored, I’ll go to the store and look for new foods…maybe I should be embarrassed by that haha. :)

  8. says

    I love Target…I was there today and found that those applesauce to go containers (12 pack) were marked down from $6.74 ish to $2.74 ish (I don’t remember the actual prices) I bought the rest. I took two to V’s school.

  9. says

    How do you find the searches that led to your blog? They’re always hilarious! I found yours months ago when googling Starbucks vs. jamba juice oatmeal reviews.

  10. says

    ahh i love the pb cheerios!! i saw them the last time i went grocery shopping and almost gasped out loud in the cereal aisle. they’re SO good.
    i wanted to try the dulce de leche, but was afraid they’d be too sweet, so it’s interesting that they have the same amount of sugar as the regular multigrains.

  11. says

    Is it sad that I got really excited to see this post? Can’t wait to try!

    And yes, we have actually tried the dulce de leche cheerios and really liked them. I don’t think they actually tasted like dulce de leche…more like a combination of cap’n crunch and something else (but less sweet), but I am obsessed with dulce de leche so that might be saying something…

  12. says

    Oh cool, I just saw those new Cheerios at the grocery store and was hesitant to buy them. I’ve been known to buy a box of cereal thinking I’ll love it, take it home and have a bowl, and not eat anymore only to discover it months and months later after it’s way past expiration. Good to know it’s worth the purchase. How do they compare to peanut butter Puffins? Those are like my crack.

  13. Amy Brich says

    I love the peanut butter cheerios. Just boughtbthem this weekend and think I have eaten half the box. I mix them with the chocolate cheerios

  14. says

    Ah, I saw that they were coming out with these but have yet to find them! Damn General Mills! Just what I need, a new night time cereal obsession. LoL

  15. JessicaE says

    Oh gosh cereal is hard enough to be in control around without making it peanut butter flavored!! I LOVE Multi Grain Gheerios so these would not last long :)

    PS I love when you post the top five searches that lead people to your blog. Interesting and funny!! I wish more bloggers did this.

  16. says

    I NEED PEANUT BUTTER CHEERIOS! I have never seen those before but I need them pronto. I adore peanut butter and could eat a jar a day, which is unfortunate for my waistline. I also never allow myself to buy cereal because I could also eat a box of it a day, so combining the two sounds like the ultimate terrible treat!

  17. Megan S. says

    I actually just bought the Dulce de Leche cheerios tonight and had to try a bite….they are yummy! Definitely have a good flavor of caramel to them :)

  18. says

    My husband totally puts pb in his cereal…and I, like you, don’t understand how he makes this work! Get this–he adds it to the Reese’s cereal of all things. Boys and their metabolism, I swear! So maybe I’ll buy him the pb cheerios…even though he’ll still add pb 😉

  19. says

    Hahahhaa those are fabulous search terms that yielded your blog! Mine are lame this week – reflective eye surgery, mild buffalo chicken dip, CAbi Tunic and ‘The Purple Giraffe’ – yours are much more entertaining!

  20. Dean says

    I found those PB Cheerios 2 weeks ago at Albertson’s. They are dangerous as an “I’m cooking dinner and can’t keep from munching on everything in sight kinda thing”. I like them as a pre-run breakfast too, since they don’t have too much protein or fiber.

    Have not seen the Dulce de Leche ones yet. I’d be interested to hear a review before I try them myself.

  21. says

    Have you tried the Cinnamon Burst Cheerios…or is it Blast? Anyhow, they are awesome too. I eat those darn PB cheerios straight out of the box. It’s hard to stop myself. :(

  22. says

    Funny search terms are the best! lol My favorite one for my blog was something about “I am smug about my own superiority” How exactly does one search that and find my blog? And why are you searching for that anyway?

    And I wish eating hummus would give me a big butt! Any food that will convince all of my excess in that direction would become my new favorite :)

  23. says

    Cereal is my biggest weakness. Especially Cheerios because they have lower calories so I can eat more of them. I’ll have to try the PB ones – I have the Dulce de Leche ones right now because I absolutely love DdL but they don’t taste like it. They’re still pretty good – but more sweet and caramel-y than DdL. Now, DdL ice cream is awesome.

  24. Julie says

    I saw the cheerio’s at the store and did not dare buy them in case they were no good. So glad someone else has tested them for me!! Looking forward to buying them very soon.

  25. Denise says

    The Cheerios peanut butter cereal is so good. I got them cause Im trying to maintain my weight after I lost 50 pounds. They have the the right amount off sweetness. Kids cereal for grownups and they are good for you.

  26. Sarah says

    The PB Cheerios are delicious, Dulce de Leche…not so much. They taste like processed lumps of sugar. Stick with PB! (or banana…or chocolate…or all three in one bowl.)

  27. Kelly says

    Have you never had peanut butter Puffins? Omg they’re my favorite guilty cereal. I haven’t seen the Cheerios yet.

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