National Popcorn Day and HIIT Workout


Update on my Smart Snacking Challenge: Yesterday went well, but I had lunch early (had to work at 12pm) and had my 2 snacks before dinner. This morning I chomped on an apple and pineapple cottage cheese (obsessed with it right now!). This afternoon I will be snacking on some Smart Pop because today is National Popcorn Day! As part of my partnership with Orville Redenbacher … [Read more...]

Craving Cinnamon Toast


Hello! I declared Thursday – Three Mile Thursday at boot camp and we power walked 3.37 for our workout today. The ladies love the break from strength and cardio drills and it’s a nice opportunity to get to know them better. On the way home from boot camp I kept thinking about Cinnamon Raisin Toast for breakfast. I’ve been craving it for a week now, but don’t have any at home. … [Read more...]