Craving Cinnamon Toast

Hello! I declared Thursday – Three Mile Thursday at boot camp and we power walked 3.37 for our workout today. The ladies love the break from strength and cardio drills and it’s a nice opportunity to get to know them better. IMG_4893 (800x600)

On the way home from boot camp I kept thinking about Cinnamon Raisin Toast for breakfast. I’ve been craving it for a week now, but don’t have any at home. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I stopped at the store at 6:40am this morning to satisfy the craving!IMG_4896 (600x800)

Since embracing Intuitive Eating I always make sure to listen to my cravings to avoid a binge. But, I have a lot of cravings for sweets so that can be dangerous! Sometimes I can satisfy my craving with something on the healthier side of things, sometimes I go big or go home Smile cupcake with oreo

It’s all about balancing needs and wants – it’s just hard to find that balance a lot of times! Luckily today’s craving was part of a complete breakfast.IMG_4897 (800x600)

I spread one with PB&PB (pumpkin butter) and the other with butter and a stevia/cinnamon mix. Oh, and I had another half an english muffin while cooking.IMG_4900 (800x600)

Question: How do you satisfy your cravings? Do you just go for it or try to find a healthy option?

I go for it (but cinnamon raisin toast isn’t that big of a reach I know). The most unhealthy thing I crave is probably onion rings but that craving only comes around once in a while. I don’t consider fro-yo a craving, but more a necessity.


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    The hardest part of cravings for me is I tend to take the easy route. If I’m craving pizza I COULD make my own and be totally satisfied but it’s a lot easier to order one. Haha. I’m terrible.

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    I go for it but in moderation. I’m always wondering if I’ll get caught talking to myself in public because I’m that girl that is asking herself “Do you really want that or are you actually wanting something else?”

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    I just picked up ‘Intuitive Eating’ last weekend from Barnes and Noble; what a wonderful perspective change on eating habits! My biggest craving is CARBS but I’m sure it’s because I’m a runner and my body needs them.

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    I started buying the Vita muffin tops and brownies to satisfy my sweet cravings, instead of going to Dairy Queen where the blizzards are over 1000 calories. That saves about 900 calories. But sometimes I do need ice cream!

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    I try and satisfy them with a good option, except in the case of chips. nothing else will cure that. So I just measure out one serving and enjoy every chip!

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    I used to ALWAYS go for a substitution. If I wanted a cookie, I’d have a chocolate chip rice cake. Or 12, and then I’d end up eating the cookie anyways. I’m all for health-ifying a recipe (using dark chocolate or whole grain flour or something like that), but if you want something in particular, GO FOR IT. I live by the idea that for every time you restrict there’s an equal and opposite binge just waiting to happen. Breaking the cycle takes trusting that it’s OKAY to just have what you want.

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    I know you are always craving sweets, and I know you drink Soda..did you know that Diet Coke causes the sweet cravings? I used to honestly drink so much DC and I used to be craving candy 24/7. It took about 3 weeks off the DC before I stopped craving sweets…all.the.time. Now I really try and go for the tea before the DC.

    Just a thought :)

      • Sarah says

        If you ever waaaaanted to give it up…. it takes a few months but then you’ll never go back.

        I used to be a diet coke fanatic but now it just tastes like chemicals to me. Which is good. Because… well, it is just chemicals, ha! I do miss the bubbles though.

  8. Denise P. says

    I’m distracted… did you replace the strap on your Garmin? I doesn’t look like the traditional rubbery one I have.

    I keep things on hand that make me feel like I’m rewarding my sweet tooth – Trader Joe’s Chocolate Nibs and Espresso Toffee Pillows – even if you eat like half a container of them, you aren’t doing too much damage.

    • Denise P. says

      Your search function works great – found the post on the Garmin strap revival. Good to know that they have an option to change it because mine is starting to tear in spots.

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    HEY YOU!! I am so glad you fulfilled that craving…I love that you were at the store before 7 a.m. Are you exhausted from working so early? I have been craving bagels big time and so I went and got them yesterday…heavenly!

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    I usually can squash cravings by not buying stuff- I’m super cheap, plus lazy, so going out to buy something I want right then usually doesn’t happen. And I very rarely crave something concrete- most often it’s just “sweets” so I try and do something to satisfy that without breaking the caloric bank. And then eat 3x that much :)

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    I find that sometimes it’s better to eat a small portion of what I am craving otherwise I eat a lot of other stuff trying to satisfy the craving! I figure one cookie is better than eating half a jar of peanut butter!

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    I’ve been experimenting with listening to what my body really wants, and trying to accommodate it. If it’s possible to make it a little healthier (like a corn muffin top instead of a corn muffin), I’m all about it, but if my craving is a Reese’s, I’m not messing around with reduced fat peanut butter and chocolate chips- I’m eating a Reese’s!

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    I go for it! So, if I’m craving chocolate, I eat one serving and put the rest away instead of sitting there with the whole bar of chocolate, eating it and then feeling guilty.

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    Its hard for me to have just a little of what im craving, “moderation” is so hard for me :( but i am trying and listening to my body rather than my mind since most cravings are totally mental. Pizza is what i usually crave and there is no substitute in my opinion, so i have pizza every saturday night- perfect carb loading for a long sunday run :-)

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    I believe in satisfying that craving! Either with something very similar and slightly healthier or with the real deal. That way it is satisfied and i can move on… until you start craving it more and more.. it’s a fine line to walk(and i’m trying to get back to the right side of the tracks at the moment!)

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    I just go for it because if I try to substitute a craving with something else, I’m more likely to eat the sub AND the something else when the sub doesn’t satisfy me. But I try to make the most of it. For example, with chocolate cravings I find I’m very satisfied by sucking on just one Dove dark chocolate Promise. It’s creamy and rich and so satisfying whereas I could down a half bag of Hershey’s kisses and not be nearly as satisfied (but hating myself and unsatisfied).

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    It depends on the craving. I can usually tell if eating something similar will fix the craving, or if I’m just going to keep thinking about it. I want to make sure I’m not hungry, in that case I will eat first. But if I can tell that I’m just going to keep wanting say ice cream, I’m not going to pretend yogurt is ice cream!

  18. Rachel says

    It is funny that you posted about food craving today because I had cookies for lunch today! I was craving cookies, and I knew if I didn’t have a cookie, I would end up overeating the other stuff because it wasn’t what I really wanted. I feel okay about it because it is not something I do all the time, and it is what my body wanted. Plus, I didn’t end up overeating, and I am satisfied!

    When I see commercials for “healthy” brownies (or another “healthy” option) I always think if you want a brownie you should eat a brownie because otherwise you’ll most likely end up overeating/bingeing on the “healthy” alternative (at least I would).

    I agree with you and eating is all about moderation.

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    I definitely go for it! I’m not one to restrict what I can and can’t eat. I just try to be good with portion control. And if I “accidentally” eat an entire tray of brownies instead of just one…well…I run a little harder the next day and call it good. 😀

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    I literally crave Eggos with either 1) PB&J or 2) eggs and cheese almost EVERY night. My husband travels a lot during the week (which gives me the flexibility to decide what’s for dinner), so I sometimes go almost an entire week eating both of these. Listening to your cravings rules! (of course, everything in moderation. Including moderation. 😉 )

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    Healthier alternatives…but sometimes, just sometimes, I secretly hope there aren’t any alternatives available. Sometimes, I just give in and go with the flow. ;p

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    I usually go for it. Today I wanted sweet, so I did waffles with berries and whipped cream. It totally did the trick. Now I want savory, so I’m doing eggs with spinach and cheese for lunch, and some whole wheat toast. Apparently I’m on a breakfast kick.

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