Done and Drenched


When I woke up this morning and heard rain I considered going back to sleep. But, I really needed to get a good run in today (for physical and psychological reasons) so I went for it. I thought it was just sprinkling, but it was really coming down when I set out! I was drenched within a mile, but I wanted to keep going. Ben and I stayed up late talking last night – we had … [Read more...]

Friday Fun


I didn’t have any clients yesterday so I spent my day running walking errands. I’ve been down in the dumps so I knew I needed Yogurtland to fill that empty hole in my heart. I managed to talk Skinny Runner and Marni into joining me for a walk and fro-yo date. Ah! Much better. I swear Marni dared me to do this, she’s a real perv. Then, Ben and I had a little date night … [Read more...]