Sunday Set Up Jan 22

How’d your little Sunday go? Mine was good! Ben and I took a walk to Target and then spent some time cleaning while watching Property Virgins – exciting times.

Sunday Set up is all about setting myself up for a good week, today I started with grocery shopping. You guys know I love wholesale stores like Costco and Smart & Final. Well, that’s not the best thing when I want some pickles. Just call me Snooki because I’m going to be eating pickles like it’s my job for a while…IMG 5021 600x800 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

And I got some oldie and goodie favorites for the week too. These were all on sale and it brought me back to the good ol’ days when I didn’t care if food had 2,820 ingredients in it. Good times.IMG 5020 800x600 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

Some celery for Ants Lady Bugs on a log…IMG 5026 800x600 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

The final piece of my Sunday Set Up puzzle – I made a huge lasagna so we’ll have maximum leftovers for the week.IMG 5015 800x600 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

Don’t mind my wood burning stove from the 1800s…IMG 5016 800x600 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

This is the best dinner I’ve made in a while wlEmoticon smile22 Sunday Set Up Jan 22 IMG 5037 800x600 thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22

Sunday Set Up Exercise for the week:

  • Monday: 6 miles easy, strength
  • Tuesday: Class at the gym, Abs
  • Wednesday: Speed attempt with my peeps
  • Thursday:6 miles
  • Friday:3 speedy, strength
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: Tinkerbelle Half Marathon

And the top 5 Searches that brought people to Run Eat Repeat this week

has anyone gotten stung by a jellyfish in the face and got peed on in the face – I did get stung by a jelly fish, but missed out on the peeing action.

"pants under the jeans" – I wore pants under my jeans in Boston last March. I can’t handle the cold.

eat boob – I’m flexitarian, but no thanks.

non skinny runners – We do exist.

guacamole made me fat – I’m totally willing to get fat for my guacamole. One time I ate a gallon of it.guacamole thumb Sunday Set Up Jan 22


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    I love Sunday set up! Since I started doing it my weeks have been so much more organized, I’ve been eating healthier (because I’ve been cooking big batches of food on the weekend), and I’ve been sticking with my work outs!

  2. says

    I made the exact same dinner on Thursday for a date night with my boyfriend – homemade lasagna & steamed green beans. Absolutely delicious! Enjoy it over the week!

  3. says

    My shopping trip looked almost the same! I bought the same Vita muffins and Kashi blueberry waffles. I actully prefer the Van’s blueberry waffles, but my Target was out of them.
    I love the search terms they’re so random and funny!

  4. says

    What a great week ahead! I’ve heard such delicious things about Vitatops but I haven’t tried them yet. I guess they are worth it when they are on sale? :-)

  5. says

    I totes can polish off a jar of pickles without a problem [or needing to take a break to breathe] :P

    P.S. I picked up a box of the frozen Kashi blueberry waffles yesterday- hoping they’ll be good for PB&J’s!

    P.P.S. Sorry I forgot to respond about my tat- it def hurt having someone scratch a needle across my ribs, but since it was the first one I ever got I didn’t know any different… Let’s just say the one on my butt cheek was a breeze!

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